57% Fahrenheit

Pax: Blue Chip, Slow Pitch, Lucky Charms, Bubbles, Davinci (Double Respect), The Plague, Two Step, Buns of Steel, Grillz, Merch, Greek Freak, Biff, Tater Tot, Khaki’s (Respect), Gunner, Flanders and Tugboat.  Sol was also there when we numbered off but disappeared at some point undetected.

Q: Tugboat

Warm O’ Rama

None.  At the District we don’t have to get ready because we just stay ready.

The Thang: The Murph

Depart from Rockbrook elementary and take a long run through the neighborhood.  Up a hill (of course).

5 sets of: 20 merkins X 10 pullups X 30 air squats

Intermediate run through the neighborhood.  Also up a hill.

3 more sets of above merkin/pullup/air squat combo

Short run through the neighborhood.  Yet another (small) hill was involved.

2 final sets of above merkin/pullup/air squat combo

Return run to Rockbrook elementary up yet another hill.

Core was performed at the conclusion of rounds 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Aggregate distance of approximately 2 miles (95% going uphill) with cumulative totals of 200 merkins, 100 pullups and 300 air squats.

Whether it was late onset continental drift or some other overnight topographic oddity, we woke up and the Rockbrook neighborhood hills had unexplainedly become even steeper than usual.  Nevertheless, these men were running FAST.  Our transitions were crisp.  Our cadences were perfect.  The men who did pullups did them powerfully and the rest of us just straight up brutalized our lats doing swing pulls.  And you know that our air squats were deep.  The six was picked up at every opportunity.  Just a great Murph by a great group of men.

Mary: American Hammers performed for core at the conclusion of the 10th round.

Announcements: None.

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Chiclets who is feeling a little under the weather.

Prayers for Jack Meehan, his family and the entire Rockbrook community.


My father died 6 years ago from liver disease which arose as a side effect from his Type 2 diabetes.  He also had battled heart issues off and on and his autopsy revealed that at the time of his death his heart would not have been strong enough to survive the surgery even if he had received a liver transplant.    

This was all really tough on me and my family.  For me personally, I knew that my dad’s health issues were hereditary and it felt like I was heading down a very similar path.  Exercise had always been something I had really enjoyed, but with a job and with my own growing children it became harder and harder to do.  Instead of something fun, exercise became something that I just did to prevent all of these health problems.  Then exercise eventually became something that at best felt like it could maybe just delay what was feeling more and more like an unavoidable conclusion.

Over several years I continued to gain weight as my job became harder and our family’s life became more scheduled.  My philosophy changed and I adopted a worldview that it was impossible to simultaneously be a good parent, be physically fit and be successful in a challenging career.  I told myself you could only have 2 out of those 3 things.  I justified my weight and general wheeziness by convincing myself that I had made a noble sacrifice by choosing my kids and the job that provided for my them over my own physical health.  When I would see men who were obviously physically fit, I would say to myself “well he must be a crappy parent” or “well he must suck at his job.”  It’s also embarrassing to admit that being a good spouse wasn’t even a consideration in this calculus.

So I continued on this path until I reached my highest recorded weight of 305 pounds.  This was about the same time that my good friend Blake (now known as Brazilian) started going to F3. Consistent with the reality I had created for myself, I HATED F3.  I thought the nicknames and all of the videos on twitter were just stupid.  I missed hanging out with my friend Blake and I resented that F3 kept him from staying up late and drinking beers with me.  No matter how many times I said no he kept trying to recruit me.  It became pretty annoying.

Rock bottom occurred for me on a family vacation to Houston.  My wife had been a swimmer at Rice University, and we went back with our kids to watch a football game.  We took the kids to the on campus bookstore to get everyone shirts to wear to the game and the only shirt that would fit me was a 3XL.  This was the first time I ever had to buy a 3XL (or at least the first time it became apparent to me) and if you will please excuse my vanity, it was humiliating for this to happen right in front of my kids.  God bless them, kids don’t understand the struggles of being a large American or the inconsistent farce that we call a garment sizing system.  It was embarrassing to explain to my kids why I couldn’t fit in an “Extra Large” or even a “Double Extra Large” and that instead their father was a size “Triple Extra Large.”

So, after we arrived back in Omaha after the game on Sunday night I swallowed my pride and sent Brazilian a text asking about F3.  Unfortunately for me, my first workout was the Murph and I was not ready.  It stunk.  My plan was to use it for just exercise so that I could get my weight down and to avoid all of the other social interactions.  Whelp, that didn’t quite work and it turns out that I love F3 and all of its ancillary silliness. 

I am so very thankful to have all of you men in my life.  My current total is 55 pounds lost since joining F3 but more importantly I have to thank all of you for being such good friends and through showing me that it is possible (not easy, but possible) to be physically fit and be a good parent while also being good at your job.  There are so many guys in this group who excel on all 3 fronts and seeing the examples that you set just living out your daily lives has given me more encouragement than you could ever know.  All of the health issues that used to give me constant anxiety feel much more manageable now.  So thank you all for proving me wrong and showing me a better way. 

That being said: Although I love you all dearly, some of you still aren’t getting proper depth on your air squats.  Strive for 90 degrees depth measured from the TOP of the thigh.  If your legs aren’t bending, you’re just pretending.

Have a great day everyone! – Grant Leach, 39, Tugboat

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