September 12, 2020 / AO – The Canyon / Weather: 55 degrees, cloudy @F3Canyon

PAX: Cyclone (respect), Biggie Smalls, TC (respect), Polaroid, Mac N Cheese (hate), Waffle House (respect), FDIC, Side Dish (hate)

VQ: Fairy Tale (hate)

YHC arrived at the Canyon at 6:30 to set up cones and station sheets for the beatdown. TC and Biggie Smalls arrived from their pre-run, ran a little more, and came back for some mumblechatter and words of encouragement before the rest of the PAX started arriving. The PAX gathered and all brought some lively and motivating attitudes (which was extra-appreciated by a slightly-nervous Q). 7:00 hit, and the F3 mission and principles were stated, along with the disclaimer. The PAX moseyed to the Omaha Firefighter’s Memorial Monument for Warm-O-Rama.

WARM-O-RAMA: Pax circled around the statue and YHC led the first 3 exercises, then called out other PAX members to lead the rest:

-SSH- 18IC

-cherry pickers- 13IC

-sun gods- 13IC

-monkey humpers- 13IC

-mountain climbers- 13IC

-Tappy Taps- 13IC

-Imperial Walkers- 13IC

After Warm-O-Rama, the PAX moseyed to the main part of the Landing for the Pre-Thang.

PRE-THANG: The PAX questioned what the 3 lines of cones meant, and YHC explained it was time for some ladder sprints. Lots of groans ensued. Fairy Tale was happy about that. On a countdown from “3”, the PAX ran the first sprint, followed by a countdown from ten before the next sprint. 4 sprints were finished in total before heading to the wall for the thang. There was lots of good mumblechatter and everyone was breathing hard on the way to the wall.

THE THANG: The concept for the thang was that in the year 2020, a lot of people feel like they have their “backs to the wall” with fear, so the beatdown was against the wall. Sheets were placed under the three cones that lined the wall. These sheets contained the list of exercises for the PAX to do while one HIM at a time ran to the third umbrella, did 5 burpees, and returned. YHC originally planned to split up into groups for this, but since there were 9 PAX total, TC suggested to have one group, which worked much better. The PAX went through the list of exercises 2.5 times before taking a break to go on an easy jog, then came back to finish the list for a total of 3 rounds.


-wall sits


-air squats


-Bobby Hurleys


-jump squats

-Australian mountain climbers


The PAX was exhausted by the end of it but everyone remained in good spirits. Omaha was called at 7:40 and the PAX circled up back in the middle of the ladders cones for Mary.

MARY: Fairy Tale led the first exercise, then called on others to lead the rest, which all consisted of:

-flutter kicks- 20IC

-alphabet soup

-LBC’s- 20IC

-heel touches- 15IC

-American Hammer- 40IC – sets of 10, then countdown from 10, led by PAX in a rotating fashion



COT: Fairy Tale briefly told the tale of how he got back to Omaha and then to F3 after years of struggling with fear. Through [a lot of] help from divine intervention, support from family and now from the welcome and encouragement from the PAX, this fear is being overcome every day. YHC is continually, endlessly grateful for that. With so many people living in fear in this day and age, and especially this year, it is important that we work through our own fear so that we can help lead others through theirs.

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