09/12/2020 – 6:00 a.m. | The Oracle AO | Aldrich Elementary – 506 N 162nd Ave

28 PAX: Hawg, Scrapper, DeVinci, Room Service, Kingpin, Khakis, Smashmouth, Tater Tot, Armbar, Tube Socks, Roadhouse, Frosty, Blue Suede, Wait Time, Grillz, Patton, LPC, Convoy, Slow Pitch, Lucky Charms, Crawl, Plague, Honey Stinger, Whatever, Ryan Querry (FNG aka SUGAR), Buns of Steel, Touche and Selleck.  

Q in charge (QIC):  Selleck

Weather: 52 and overcasty, dank, dark…essentially ideal.

Selleck coming off a solo-Q-hiatus and it was reflected in the opening. The welcome, core principles and disclaimer were given. The mission was nowhere to be found.  Selleck spared the PAX and pre-mosey and leapt straight into warmorama at the shovel flags. :

  • Windmills x 20 IC
  • Bat Wings – 4 x20 IC
  • String Rippers x 10 IC
  • Tempo Merksins X 10 IC
  • Blades of Steel X 10 IC
  • Down Down to Howl at the Moon X 2 flow

Shake off the Dust (prethang)

  • PAX counted off and were directed to form 4 lines of 7, PAX lunged walked 100 yard to the dumpster then planked for the six,
  • Lot lizards
    • Derkins x 12 IC – bear crawl to other side of drive/lot (when QIC called out bear crawl the loving mumble chatter began, led by a Khaki’s F@%K OFF!)
    • Carolina Dry dock X 12 IC – crab walk to other side of drive
    • Werkins X 12 IC – grapevine to other side of drive
    • Tempo Merkins X 12 IC.
  • Lucky charms lead the group to the court for round of Alt Shouder Taps X 20 IC

Sweep up the mess (the THANG)

Inspired by a broomstick home workout one-fine-covid-day, Selleck pulled out 24 PVC pipes the length of a broomstick for a super sweep sweat session. The PAX numbered 28…so the modification began. PAX partnered up with a stick and swept up the mess 4-rounds:

Round 1 (each exercise flapjacked w/partner)

  • Copperhead squats / Burbees – 12 IC
  • SSH / Squat with side-bend – 12 IC
  • ALL PAX – supermans 12 IC

ARMBAR RUN (PAX held their arms up and pipe (bar) above their head & ARMBAR led PAX on mosey to soccer field and back to the court)

Round 2

  • Mountain Climbers / Air Squat w/shoulder extension – 12 IC
  • SSH / Side plank shoulder extension  – 6 IC each arm
  • ALL PAX – supermans 12 IC


Round 3

  • Sumo squat w/shoulder raise / Apolo Oh Nos – 12 IC
  • Flutter Kicks / Ski jacks – 12 IC
  • ALL PAX – supermans 12 IC


Round 4

  • Air Dramas (aka the PONZI pinch) / Imperial Walkers w/bar – 12 IC
  • Step-back lunge w/twist / Sprinklers – 12 IC
  • ALL PAX – supermans 12 IC


SALLY DOWN- way down…Post thing (humble reminder for YHC – if you can’t do it, don’t queue it)

  • PAX got tight in circle and played Bring Sally Down
  • Merkin position and held up/down based on song lyrics
  • At 2 min mark, Selleck broke from song and called 12 merkins on his down.

6 MoM

  • Boat Captain (spin off of captain Thor)
    • 1 BBSU: 4 Rows IC
    • 2 BBSU: 8 Rows IC
    • 3 BBSU: 12 Rows IC (Q F’d up this round)
    • 4 BBSU: 16 Rows IC



  • Armbar shared a story of joy
  • Plagute shared a story of growth & appreciation
  • Selleck rambled about leadership and excitement of getting back in the stream that is F3
  • In parting the QiC read a passage centered around permanent worth from “Awareness – The Perils & Opportunities of Reality” by the late Anthony De Mello
    • Page 107 – in short…pleasant experiences are what we seek, but it’s the suffering and painful experiencing where we grow. If we knew how to use that suffering…Oh, how we would grow.



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