Golden Spike AO | Burke H.S.

PAX: 15 –Flanders, TC (R), No Doze, Khakis (R), Wide Right, Vandelay (R), Pancake, Griswold, Kingpin, Saul, Room Service, Biggie Smalls, Selleck, Wentworth, Zero Res

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  54 w/ light drizzle.  As always, perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

YHC was pinch-hitting on the Q for an unnamed Pax who allegedly had a bad reaction to a diuretic/laxative cocktail in order to take the #1 slot in the Queen Service Challenge. Despite a request to the Site Q for 75 degrees and sunny skies, YHC showed up anyway and greeted 14 veteran Pax.  No FNG’s, so gave a very quick, yet sufficient, disclaimer and moseyed east to the parking lot for Warm-o-Rama:

          -SSH -20 IC (redbull)

          -String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 10IC

-SSH – 20 IC (redbull)

-String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 10IC

– SSH – 20 IC (redbull)

Pax moseyed a bit further east for a pre-THANG EMOM:

1.       High Knees – 35 seconds

2.       Mountain Climbers – 35 seconds

3.       Air Squats x 20

4.        Burpees x 10

5.       High Knees – 35 sec.

6.       Mountain Climbers – 35 sec.

7.       Air Squats x 20

8.       Burpees x 10

9.       Dying cockroaches – 45 sec

10.      Reb Bull Smurf Jacks x 20 IC

The PAX continued their easterly mosey to the hill for The THANG Mini- Spartan:

Pax ran to the top of the hill and performed sets of 15-20 merkins.  Walk back down the hill, rinse/repeat.  YHC threw in a few random sets of squats and a smidge of core to allow myself the Pax a chance to rest the upper bod.  Completed 250 merkins.   

YHC called Omaha at 6:09 and Pax moseyed west to the shovel flag.

6 MoM:  N/A



-Announcements:  Check email for invite to Valas courtesy of Crab Cakes. Event Oct. 8, please RSVP by Oct. 1.  Admission is a food donation to Gretna food pantry. 

-YHC volunteered yesterday at Heart Ministry Center food pantry.  Cars were lined up for three hours straight, which is humbling, yet still represents only a small fraction of the need in our community.  Noted that many families expressed verbal gratitude.  Others seemed embarrassed, but what struck me was the effort made by the HMC employees to recognize these individuals and make them feel welcome, wanted, and cared for, which helped alleviate some of the apprehension these families felt. The HMC employees displayed real empathy – as well as joy – in the work they were doing. 

-Reach out to those when you see they need a friendly ear, and don’t be afraid to use F3 and the COT to be vulnerable. 

-Also, F Skip Bayless.

-Shoutout to Sky Q: TAPs offered up for those directly affected by tragedy of 9/11.  Prayed for health and safety for all Pax and their families, and to go forth and spread joy to those we encounter today. 

Coffeteria followed at Stories.  Treats delivered by Flanders. Critical discussion re: Goggins, donuts, etc.



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