The Pit Backblast – On the Lite Side

Sept. 12 2020 – The Pit Halleck Park, Papillion: 58 degrees and drizzly –  Q: Gunner

PAX: Knobs, Firewalker, Gipper, Wifi, Gobbler, Trench, Tony the Tiger, High Life (FNG), Space Bar, KOA

Started this morning’s beatdown promptly at 7 AM, with the welcoming and stating the F3 Mission and 5 core principles.

Remembered to state the injury disclaimer and welcomed the FNG.

Warm-O-Rama -At Parking along the main entry drive

  • 15 IC Tappy Taps
  • 15 IC Tater Taps
  • 15 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 15 IC Hillbilly Squats
  • 12 IC Rosalitas
  • 10 IC Gas pumpers

Pre Thang- Moseyed to bleacher stations and performed 5 sets of dips and SSH

  1. Set 1 – 10 dips: 10 IC SSH
  2. Set 2 – 15 dips: 15 IC SSH
  3. Set 3 – 20 dips: 20 IC SSH
  4. Set 4 – 25 dips: 25 IC SSH
  5. Set 5 – 30 dips: 30 IC SSH

The Thang- Moseyed around baseball field and to the where the work out was located.

Set up a run course with 4 cones spaced about ½ a football field.

PAX circled up in the center for various exercises AMRAP for as long as it took for 1 Pax to

  • Run to first Cone – Perform 1 Burpee
  • Sprint to Second Cone – Perform 1 Burpee
  • Carioca to Third Cone – Perform 1 Burpee
  • Back pedal to Fourth Cone – Perform 1 Burpee

Sprint back to group and pull an exercise card from the center for the whole group to perform

1 lap took about 60 to 70 seconds.  All PAX went Twice, Except the Q. He called Omaha right before his second Lap.


15 IC Inverted Toe- Touches

10 sec. Supermans (10 seconds on, 10 seconds off – total of 60 sec.)

American Hammers – 10 reps on, 10 second rest around the circle. Total of 60 IC.

Announcements and Prayers

Announced the 9-11 Memorial Ruck

Announced the October “Ghost Q” month

COT – Do something funny today and laugh.

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