September 10, 2020 / AO – The Battlefield / Weather: 46 degrees, rain

PAX: Grillz, Hoosegow, Growler, Stella, Tater Tot, The Plague, Khakis, Left Seat, Slow Pitch, Griswold, High Tower, Pancake, Wide Right, Two Step, Toadstool, Tonight Show, Honey Stinger, Tin Cup, Blue Suede, Flanders, Big One, Frosty, Buns of Steel

Q: Sister Act

YHC arrived at 0510 to the perfectly-lit field of The Battlefield, placed some exercise direction sheets around the field and waited at the shovel flags for PAX to arrive. A mixture of nerves and excitement kept the cold at bay, but the rain starting to drip from the bill of his hat kept it obvious that today was going to be a wet one. Men gathered, 0530 hit, the five core principles were stated, as well as the disclaimer. However, the fact that F3 exists to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups to invigorate male community leadership was left out. That’s what backblasts are for, right? The PAX moseyed to the 50 yd line for Warmarama.

WARMARAMA: Once circled up, men were divided into 3 groups – something different. Sister Act informed everyone that each group would be doing different exercises, but all following the same cadence called by him. Groups rotated exercises using ACT (get it?) – Apollo Ohnos, Chinooks, and Tappy Taps. Two rounds of everything 15 IC and we were set for the Pre-Thang.

PRE-THANG: PAX split into 3 groups. Groups 1 and 2 did exercises on the sidelines (Mtn Climbers/Burpees, Merkins/Bobby Hurleys) while group 3 ran across the field, taking on exercises and sending group 2 running. Groups continued quickly rotating out between running and exercise, and the short distance kept heart rates nice and high! Grillz and Tonight Show waxed philosophical while Blue Suede searched for his partner (there were no partners, Blue Suede) – mumble-chatter was good!

THE THANG: Cones/sheets were placed at the sidelines on the 30 yd line and corners of the endzone. (It’s worth noting that Sister Act used scraps of drywall from the dumpster to keep sheets from blowing away – MODIFY!)  The PAX divided into 5 groups, one for each station and one push group. Exercises at each station were AMRAP (Monkey Humpers, Air Squats, Ranger Merkins, Bonnie Blairs) until the push group showed up. We ran across the field and sidestepped down the sidelines. Several rounds were completed, OMAHA called at 0600.

MARY: PAX circled up center field and did 20 Big Boys, 20 LBCs IC, and what was supposed to be 10 American Hammers with a 5 count rest (repeat) going around the circle. Sister Act whole-heartedly accepts responsibility for the fact that the instructions were unclear and therefore confused a few of the men. After 5 or 6 sets of 10, MARY was complete.

COT: No announcements or prayer requests were spoken, so Sister Act went right into the COT. He first noted that he was thankful that the men followed his lead all morning. And often, being a great leader can have a whole lot to do with FOLLOWING. Who are we following? Are they teaching us integrity, strength, and how to be a HIM? Since we all have families, Ms, 2.0s, work colleagues, and neighbors, leadership is important! So where are we getting the tools we need for that? Who are we following? After all, YHC wants to be the kind of man that people want to follow – so there better be some great people he’s looking to for examples. 
Sister Act prayed to wrap up, but then remembered a crucial detail! The 3 groups during Warmarama were being “directed” by just one voice, even though they were doing different things. (Former music education days kicking in…) 

So again – growing in leadership is sometimes about who you’re following!


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