September 10, 2020

Conditions: A cool rainy 45-degree morning

Q: Mufasa

PAX: El Toro (Wait Time), El Toro (Crab Cakes), El Toro (Hard Hat), El Toro (King Pin), El Toro (Birdman), El Toro (Pothole), El Toro (Scrapper), El Toro (Thomas), El Toro (Yodel), El Toro (Hawg-Respect), El Toro (Roll Bar), El Toro (Zerorez),

At exactly 5:30, I welcomed the PAX to the Maize and immediately told them to start flapping their wings just like the St. Joseph mascot, the Hawk.  The Hawk is best known for flapping its wings during an entire basketball game.  Birdman stated the Hawk was the most annoying mascot, so I mentioned he could modify to the baby Blue Jay if needed (and yes, I know I am in Creighton land.)   Explained that Thomas told me one time, that I talk too much when I am on the Q and we don’t move enough, so I stated because of this, we will be flapping our wings the entire time unless we are doing another exercise.  I believe the Pax did not appreciate Thomas saying this.   Stated, what F3 stood for and the 5 core Principles and further explained we would be doing All 3 F’s today, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  Gave Disclaimer which is, I am a licensed insurance agent, but I am not a Licensed Personal Trainer and all these exercises are a suggestion and to modify, as necessary.  I then explained while still flapping our wings, that Wait Time said to Thomas, during a previous workout, “Now that is a True Mosey” referencing me as I struggled to keep up one day.  So, my main goal today was to make Wait Time throw up or at least conquer the run around the lake and show Wait Time, this is what a Mufasa Mosey, now looks like.  I accomplished one of these things. 

We did not mess around and got after it and started the Indian Run around the Lake

Once I Mosey’d past the last HIM in the Pax, we stopped to do three exercises comprising of 9 Reps, 10 Reps and 16 reps and we repeated the run and the 3 exercises until we returned to the parking lot.  About 1.75-mile run with accelerations. 

1st Stop- 9 Merkins, 10 Dirty Dog (5 each leg), 16 Squats

2nd Stop-9 Merkins, 10 SunGods (5 front, 5 back), 16 Flutter kicks

3rd Stop-9 Merkins, 10 Dirty Dog (5 each leg), 16 LBCs IC

4th Stop-9 Merkins, 10 squats, 16 second plank

5th Stop-9 Merkins, 10 Donkey Kicks now nicknamed the Chick (5 each leg), 16 Flutter kicks IC

6th Stop- 9 Merkins, 10 flutter kicks IC, 16 second plank

Arrived back to the Parking Lot and circled up for Mary

Went around half the PAX, starting with me, with 4 sets of 16 American Hammer IC with and a 10 second rest in between.   

Changed things up and did a special COT first before Name o Rama. 

Special COT= Today’s COT was all about answering Rollbar’s question from last week when he Q’d at the Wild Kingdom.  I started because my brother El Toro who posts in Philly said I need to try this out.  I come back because of what it is doing for HIM. 

Today’s workout was based mainly (besides the running,) on 3 exercises of 9 Reps, 10 Reps and 16 reps which stood for 9/10/16.  4 years ago, today, my brother, El Toro and his M(Kate) gave birth to their first child, Thomas.  Unfortunately, 15 hours later, Thomas passed away.  It has been a tough 4 years for our entire family but especially for El Toro and his M.  Everyone deals with tragedy in different ways and we get help in different ways.  When F3 started 10 years ago, I guarantee the Nantan’s never thought this could be some sort of therapy, but it has.  El Toro started F3, little over 13 months ago which was 2 weeks before I did and the changes, I see in him have been remarkable.  He has a new passion and a somewhat addiction to F3, which inspires me and somewhat scares me.  A year ago, yesterday (9/9/19,) El Toro had his VQ and it was the first time, that he openly prayed aloud with strangers who are now his F3 Brothers.   A simple prayer of just Giving Thanks!  Yes THANKS!  If this does not tell you what this Fellowship is doing, I do not know how else to spell it out for you.  I asked the PAX to help me by honoring my brother and our family today and instead of using their own F3 name, to substitute it with El Toro during the name-a-rama.  To me this is showing El Toro, even though I am in another city, I, along with the rest of the PAX is always there for him.  

Special Name-a-rama-     Gave Wait Time a hard time at the start of the video due to his Veteran VQ Name-a-rama moment on Tuesday at the Wild Kingdom, which turned out to bite me in the backside when I screwed up myself!

Prayers/Announcements-Birdman made mention again for prayers for El Toro, His M and our family. 

I ended with a prayer asking for comfort for all those in my family and any HIM In our Pax.   

Thank you to all who Posted at the Maize today.  El Toro and his M LOVED the video and as noticed on Twitter, he thanked the F3Omaha with the usual Fist Bump.   



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