This Q started in the planning weeks ago. Sight Q Sparty reached out to me talk about doing a 9/11 tribute. With this in mind I knew it had to be tough.

4:47 arrive at the AO for set up. Within minutes Magic and Short Sale pull and and mumble chatter is already on. Followed by Nightcrawler with the key to the day. His truck.

9/11/20 the combine. 54 and the rain is holding off

Q: Armbar

17 PAX: Sparty, The Curse, Patton, Night Crawler aka FOMO(the star of the day), Toto, Miracle, Short Sale, Sea Biscuit, Convoy, Magic, Skipper, Roadhouse, Mufasa, Tube Socks, LPC, Scrapper, Armbar.

PAX is met with the 3F’s, 5 core principles and mission statement. I’m surprised I had a little shake to the voice despite saying these things many times. Reminder I am not a professional and we would be doing some weird things today.


Mosey around the parking lot….or as Q you can make a quick change to go through the 50yrd line gates and wrap back around on the track. I have had better starts to Q’a then today. Being the Q is never easy.

Get to the open patch of cement on the back of the end zone. PAX is slightly confused as to why there are cups on the ground filled with water. Don’t worry those will be for later.


Abe Baghotas 10 each direction IC and counted terribly. Folsom showed me these just yesterday in a spirited talk about what this exercise is.

Imperial walkers 10 IC

Moroccan night clubs15 IV

Tri merkins 5 IC each hand


Sacrifice run

Back to the cups. Mumble chatter was hoping for shots. But what I had planned was much worse. Each PAX member was to take a drink of water in their mouth and hold it in for two laps of running around the track. They were not allowed to spit it out or drink it during the run and had to sacrifice the water until the end. When the six was in then we are allowed to spit the water out and see who was able to sacrifice during the run.

It was silent except for the few sounds of people gagging with water in their mouth but we made it after the full two laps. This is something I will only break out ever so often. But was very proud of the PAX for getting it done.

The Thang.

4 stations each representing a hardship and sacrifice firefighters made on 9/11

1. North tower. 192 firefighters Lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. 3 exercises to chose from to total 192 reps. Mountain climbers, seal claps, gas pumpers

2. South tower. 140 firefighters lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. Three exercises to choose from to total 140 reps. Carolina dry docks, Bobby Hurley‘s, low dollies.

3. Stair climb. Firefighters had a claim up 95 and 75 flights of stairs in full gear to reach people to help on 911. lunge walk up the hill and jog back down.

4. Truck push. 343 firetrucks responded to the call for help on 911. So packed members needed to push nightcrawlers truck(huge Tclaps to Nightcrawler for being the DD during the thang today) for a lap around the parking lot.

After two rotations through each of the stations Omaha is called and we met in the middle of the parking lot.

Announcements for the 911 Ruck Taking Place tomorrow at memorial park,

Valas 2nd F on Oct 8th

Sparty’s friends suicide awareness cook off to be held tomorrow.


We all make sacrifices every morning in the area of sleep in time to meet in the gloom every day. A great wrestler Dave Schultz who is an Olympic champion and was tragically murdered by the owner of his training camp John Dupont murdered him and you may have seen the story in the movie fox Catcher was once quoted “ people ask me why I sacrifice so much for wrestling but I don’t look at it as a sacrifice but as a choice of how to live my life”. Connecting that back to 9/11 so many men and women made the ultimate sacrifice with their life to help people in need and then a very tragic situation. But applying the quote from shorts and what makes it even more of an impressive thing is that they chose to make the ultimate sacrifice with their lives and well-being to help those. So by sacrificing we are actually making the choice to do something for other people or to live better to go out and make that choice today to help people better their lives.


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