September 10, 2020 | The Sandlot | Halleck Park | 43 Degrees

PAX: 9 – Convoy, Fire Walker, Saluki, Trench, 8-Mile, Knobs, Zorro (Hate), KOA (FNG), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Oh boy! Cold and rainy…..We couldn’t ask for better weather at the Hardest Working AO in Sarpy County. Sparty was incredibly humbled that the Sandlot was welcoming him with such open arms, and he was so excited about the opportunity that he woke up before his alarm went off. Since this was The Sandlot and not the Pit, YHC was hoping to get on Fricke Field, but since he hadn’t been to the field, which he dominated on, for over 15 years, he needed to see if security measures have changed. Unfortunately, they have big boy fences now and he wasn’t interested in getting the PAX all B&E’s this beautiful morning, so a quick audible was required. Sparty was gitty when he planted The Combine flag in the soft grass facing the pond as the flag blew gloriously in the wind.

One-by-one, the HIM arrived and got out of their cars without hesitation knowing they were leaving their temporary fartsack, aka warm car. Then Convoy showed up with his beautiful “Return of the Mack” smile and shared that he came down to The Sandlot cause he saw Sparty was Q. Which was quickly follow by the response of, “No $#!t?” It was a humbling moment. While YHC counted the seconds down, an FNG had arrived and got acquainted with the PAX. Then moments later left his mark on the morning, “Wait, is this F3?” This could mean so many things. Our man Knobs did a great job EH’ing him and we were pleasantly relieved when we realized this was a good thing.

Sparty’s watch hit 05:30 and it was time to make things official. After he welcomed the PAX to F3, he shared that “my name is Sparty, and I am very humbled to by your Q for the morning.” Before it was time to take off on our traditional long-mosey, Knobs generously asked what the route would be for the day. YHC obliged and shared the plan, and said that we would not be splitting up into groups today. The men then all took off out of the parking lot with a nice pace. As the PAX made it to 84th St. (to the Omaha folks/S. Washington St. to the locals) and turned south, Sparty stopped at Dairy Queen as we waited for the 6 to arrive. Upon his arrival, YHC asked these great HIM to face DQ as we were going to perform Monkey Humpers with our butts facing our man Slow Roast’s Beanery across the way. As Sparty counted to 20 IC, he devilishly grinned to the passing of cars. As those exercised concluded, he couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming number of benches. Khakis was already on Sparty’s mind that morning, so he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to perform some dips. He then started to wonder, “Do these guys think I’m crazy, or normal??” It was time to mosey again.

The pace stayed strong and as Convoy and Sparty led the way passed Fricke with some classy mumblechatter, the HIM of all HIMs, and Site Q, Fire Walker raced up to the front of the pack with enthusiasm! Sparty loves a good mosey with casual mumblechatter with Fire Walker. The PAX started on the back-stretch of the route and Sparty found a nice wet parking lot outside of Papio Bay to detour into. It was time to give the legs a break and beat up the shoulders, ATMs were calling. Sparty encouraged the PAX to hold the plank position in between sets rather than dropping to their knees for a break, and he was delighted to hear struggles from the men as they neared the end of the Merkins. It was time for another long mosey.

The PAX made their way around the pond and started back west again. He had a thought in his mind about where they would be going and what they would do when they got there, but had no idea how it would match up with their time they had left. The HIM made it about another mile when they arrived to Veterans Park and lined up in a single file line underneath the beautiful military flags. Sparty was eager to get in some Ranger Merkins, and as he finished at 20, Knobs daringly spoke up and asked for 2 more to get us to 22 and honor those military men and women we lose each day from suicide. Sparty recently Q’ed at Paradise and every exercise was in reps of 22 and dedicated his beatdown to this same group, so he immediately granted Knob’s request and there wasn’t one complaint from the HIM. Then it was time for Flutter kicks (IC) and Sparty wisely chose to keep the 22 count them. At the conclusion of this station, there was a growing camaraderie amongst the PAX and we took off on our last long mosey. With 10 minutes left and some distance to make up, Trench assured Sparty that they would make it back to the flags in time, he was spot on!

The PAX arrived at the shovel flags and Sparty noticed our Site-Q doubling back to pick up the 6. Just an incredible leader! No Mary today, and Sparty coached up the FNG on how to handle the name-a-rama.

Name-a-rama – Light was bright, FNG left Sparty hanging on the foot tap, and the video looks like it was snowing. I can confirm that it was in fact rain, but it looks BA.

FNG – Welcome KOA!!!

Announcements: IPC tomorrow at the home of Cornhusker Handicap, and Saturday at the Hardest Working AO in Douglas County.

Prayers: Sparty’s Grandpa Dick who was having a biopsy this morning. This had been delayed twice already. YHC just learned that it was not cancerous, so great news and thank you PAX for the TAPs.

COT: Again, great job today to everyone for coming out this morning and working hard. There are 3 things that I want to encourage you all to do. 1.) Winter is Coming! While it seems like the easy thing to do is hit the fartsack when it’s cold, I encourage you to give it a chance. I found that this was the best opportunity for me to build camaraderie with the PAX and it gives you a sense of pride after these work outs. In fact, the colder it got last year, the more I showed up. 2.) I live 30 minutes away from the Sandlot, and that’s with no traffic. I make it a point to post in east Omaha a couple times a week, and I’m now making it a priority to make my way down to Papillion (or Papio, or LaVist, or Papillion/LaVista – I have now idea what the difference is in any of these). You guys have some serious momentum right now and I would encourage you to make your 3 AO’s here your home, but also encourage you to not just take the other days off. Drive into Omaha to Post and you will meet some incredible men that will help make you a better man. This has made all the difference for me and I believe you will find the same success. 3.) We are all in different phases of our F3 journey, and I feel like the First F gets a majority of the attention, and the Second F is what guys get excited about. This is not F1 or F2, and I feel that we as a region need to dramatically improve on the Third F. So if you see opportunities like blood drives or volunteer opportunities, I encourage you to sign up and attend. Also, take it step further. F3 doesn’t just stop there. You will eventually start to find your “Purpose” and start living a “Mission-driven” life. I have a mission and I’m starting to make some progress with it. We are going to create a CSAUP event for the summer that will bring in PAX from around the country in an effort to raise $20k that we will then use as a grant for a young man in North or South Omaha to use towards college. My mission doesn’t have to be your mission, but I ask that you believe in me and help support me. I don’t have to believe in your mission, but I believe in each of you and I will support you in your mission! Thanks again for having me this morning as your Q.



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