Octagon | 60 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

Pax: Touché, Roll Bar, Beta Max, Tin Cup, Tender Foot, Buns of Steal, Safe Ride, Jeeves (RESPECT), Samples (RESPECT), Othello, FNG Red Tape (RESPECT)

F3 mission, core principles, and disclaimer were recited followed by a mosey to warmarama.


SSH x 20

Abe Vigoda x 10

Sun gods x 20

Tappy taps x 10

Tater taps x 10

Hill billy rockette x 10

Mt climbers x 10

Free throws for burpees:

2 shots to make 1 free throw: Samples near miss = 5 burpees.


Everest up Hill Octagon: 1 Right leg forward lunge then air squat. 1 Left leg forward lunge then air squat. Repeat to top of hill then Crawl Bear down.

2 Rounds

Free throws for burpees: Beta Max drains it for no burpees. 5 Overhead claps instead.

Deck of cards : One PAX picks a card. We do the exercise on the card then run a lap around the track. Repeat until Omaha. Each new exercise is added to the pile.

Lunges x 20 + lap

Lunges, Plank x 60 seconds, + lap

Lunges, plank, + Hand release Merkins x 20 and lap

Lunges, Plank, HRMerkins, + Flutter kicks x 20 and lap

Omaha called at 6:05. No volunteers to shoot free throws so YHC calmly toe’d the line and air balled a pair for 5 more burpees


X 10 each of

Flutter kicks, heal touches, leg raises, crunchy frog, and American Hammer.

Announcements: check slack. Prayers: for the Westside community grieving a lost son. For Jeeves as he plans a move.

COT: On Labor Day, I wanted to share my work evolution from an edgy young clinician to a servant clinician in his fifth decade of life. Hard work has become humbling over the years, and COVID has reminded me of the reason I worked hard in the first place – to be a servant for my community. I challenged the PAX today to be a servant.

⁃ Bloodshot. Aye!

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