September 8, 2020

Weather: windy; 48 degrees

AO: The Colosseum

Q:  Wide Right

HIM: Griswold, Safe Ride, Tenderfoot, Sister Act, Stella, Honey Stinger, Hoosegow, Toadstool, LPC, Folsom, Room Service, Blood Shot, Red Tape, and our newest member in the gloom, Spacebar.

Holy smokes!  Looks like we got our first little taste of Fall on the gloomy morning of September 8th, 2020.  Yours truly, Ian Rennels AKA Wide Right AKA White Rice, strolled into an empty parking lot around 5.  I took my last little sip of coffee, grabbed some cones and my exercise list titled, “Uncomfortable”, and meandered down to #1 Westside’s beautiful football field.

I kept thinking I’d see some sign of life, but there was nothing, minus the wind howling at me.  There were no lights on inside the school.  No pre-runners/ruckers.  I started to think that maybe it wasn’t Tuesday???  Then the massive lights above turned on as I strutted on the field and I felt like Randy Moss, the GOAT Viking (don’t @ me) I set my cones up, ran a lap (to warm up), and headed towards where the shovel flag will eventually stand.

One by one, 14 HIM showed up.  Most bundled up…minus Tenderfoot who braved the weather with some daisy duke running shorts (what an animal!)  We gathered around the Shovel Flag, said our good mornings, and I quickly went into our core principles before the Beatdown came.

We ran to the opposite endzone and circled up.  This morning, I meant business, so we got (wide) right after it!  SSH’s, air squats, and thrusters got the blood flowing.  Next, tempo-merkins, werkins, and diamond-merkins.  We quickly jogged over to the retaining wall on the south east side of the Colosseum to get a nice shoulder workout.  We threw our feet to the wall and had everybody do a 5 second count off.  I’m no mathematician but 15 HIM * 5 seconds =’s what felt like ten minutes.  We did this twice…significantly faster the second round.  😊

Now that everybody was nice and loose…it was time for us to really get after it.  We paired up, and got on the goal line.  While one person bear crawled to the 30-yard line and sprinted back, their counterpart did an exercise the entire time.  Exercises included Freddy M’s, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, big boy git-ups, merkins (more 😊), and plank jacks.  Second round continued but with broad jumps to the 20-yard line.  Third Round ended with lunges to the 10-yard line…it was glorious.

Mary came a calling with 10 quick burpees at your own pace, followed by a cadence round of none other than American Hammers.  I mean, is it even an F3 workout if we don’t have American Hammers!?!?!?  When it was all said and done, we were sweating, had lost some layers of clothing, and felt a little beat up.

We went over some various items this week in our F3 world: Queen’s Service Challenge- contact TC.  JDRF One Walk- reach out to our boy Rollbar.  COT was about being uncomfortable.  For instance, I avoid Murph’s EVERY Monday because I don’t like running…it makes me uncomfortable.  New F3 up and comer, Griswold, wouldn’t take no for an answer and I “Murphed” on Monday.  The running aspect was terrible, but I’m glad I did it.  How I look at it…  it trains myself to be comfortable in uncomfortable times.  Whether we’re at work taking on new responsibilities, or your daughter wanting to paint your nails and do your makeup, whether it’s your wife making you do something that’s out of your comfort zone: You can do it and you may be better for it!  Life is all about growth, and facing challenges, comfortable or not, helps you get beyond your current state.


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