9/8/20 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park |  54 Degrees

PAX: Touche, Vandeley (Respect), Jeeves (Respect), Slow Pitch, Grillz, Ponzi, Polaroid, Trench, Icy Hot, Othello, Khakis (Respect), TC (Respect), Fire Walker, Sparty, Nugent, Biff, Radar, Buns of Steel, Greek Freak, Tatar Tot, Wolverine, Patton, Mac and Cheese, Samples (Respect), The Plague, 2 Step (New Site Q)

Q: Bubbles

Bubbles welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.

2 Step led us in the five core principles, because Bubbles has always said that they are not required to be said at a workout (which is true), but I wanted to test 2 Step to make sure he was ready to be a Site Q. 

We short moseyed to the covered awning for Warm-A-Rama


SSH x 20 IC

Tappy Taps x 15 IC

Tater Taps x 15 IC

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Jungle Boy Squats x 10 

Brazillian Butt Lifts x 5


We stayed at the covered awning to perform the following.

  • Bodies Hit the Floor
    • This is done to the song Bodies by Drowning Pool (3:21). Start in plank position. When the song says “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” do a Donkey Kick (26 Total). When the song counts (1, 2, 3, 4) do a Merkin (21 Total). Always plank when not doing Donkey Kicks or Merkins and never let your Bodies Hit The Floor.


PAX got into 4 groups for a team Grinder. Each team started at a different cone. Cone 1 was the push cone.

Cone #1

  • 10 Monkey Humpers IC
  • Mosey to push Cone #2 group.

Cone #2

  • V-Ups x 5
  • Accumulating Burpees
    • After the first 5 V-Ups do 1 Burpee. After the next set of 5 V-Ups do 2 Burpees. Add another burpee after each round until your push group gets there.

Cone #3

  • Jungle Boy Squats x 10
  • SSH x 5 IC
    • Repeat until push partner avrives.

Cone #4

  • Merkins x 5
  • Accumulating Jump Tucks
    • After the first merkins do 1 Jump Tuck. After the next set of 5 Merkins do 2 Jump Tucks. Add another burpee after each round until your push group gets there.


  • Bubbles lead the group in 30 IC American Hammers

Prayers and Announcements: 

Prayers for Icy Hot’s Grandma

Prayers for Jack Meehan and the Rockbrook/Westside families

Celebrations that were forgot to be mentioned: Happy 1 year anniversary to Samples (Respect)


I want to say thank you for not only the opportunity for allowing me to be a site Q, but also for allowing me to be a part of this group. Two weeks ago, I attended a No Doze Q, and he had a strong message of “F3 is open to ALL men”. This is so true. It is a place where I am accepted, a place I can be myself, a place that I can be Andy Rider, 30, Bubbles. Looking back over the past year, I have loved this responsibility to be the site Q here at Cornhusker. As my time as the Cornhusker site Q comes to a close, I wanted to make sure it was left in great hands. During Covid, this PAX member excelled, he pushed everyone, he got shredded, and he morphed into a true HIM. I remember calling Tater Tot back in May and said, I know my replacement, and I want to get his name down now, so no one else takes him. Two Step is the right man for the job. He will carry the torch, grow the leadership, and will continue to make this the best Stinson Park AO that we offer. 

2 Step is a modern day warrior. As “Freed to Lead” asks us, “What would a modern day warrior look like”? Well, “He would look like a modern day Tom Sawyer, a guy to persuade other men to pay him for the privilege of whitewashing his fence. Not because it’s easy and any man could do it, but because it’s so hard that maybe only one in a thousand, maybe two thousand, can get it done. That’s what today’s Tom Sawyer looks like. He’s the kind of man who says, screw the easy way. To hell with what culture says. Don’t slow down, speed up. Follow me! I’m taking the hard path. You take the easy way, in fact you probably should. The rest of you, the one-in-two-thousand-guys, you come with me. We’ve got hard play to get after. Aye! Aye! Aye!”

This is 2 Step. This is the right man for the job. He is a modern day warrior, a HIM, and an important part of this PAX.Thank you again for everything you all have given me with this opportunity. I will cherish this memory forever!

Love you all,


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