September 5, 2020 | Oracle AO | Aldrich Elementary | Weather 70 and still
PAX: Porch Swing, Vandelay(RESPECT), Sweet Tooth, Tonight Show, Piano Man, Sister Act, Thomas, Beta Max, Wait Time, Two Step
Q: Room Service
Room Service welcomed the PAX, gave the mission of F3, recited the 5 core principles and verified that he was not a professional. The PAX moseyed to the south of the trail and headed to the green space.
Imperial Walkers – 12IC
Windmill – 10IC
Sobriety Sun Gods – 10IC (forward and back) Cherry pickers – 15IC
Crowd Pleaser = 1 merkin + 1 groiner is 1 rep. Next 2 merkins followed by 2 groiners…build up to 6 (6 merkins/6 groiners)…20 calf raises…then complete the Crowd Pleaser by going down from 5.
The PAX then moseyed under Dodge a bit further on the trail to begin the Thang.
The Thang – 21’s
20 merkins, run to the other side and perform 1 copperhead squat. Next round 19 merkins:2 copperhead squats until you get to 1 merkin:20 copperhead squats.
Smoke or Fire…each HIM guessed that the top card would either be Smoke (Black) or Fire (Red) if they were incorrect the entire PAX would do 5 burpees, if they were correct they could either guess smoke or fire on the next card or higher or lower and could get all the way down to 2 burpees. Luck was not on the PAX side, early estimates were around 40 burpees from the 10 rounds.
Freddie Mercury – 20IC Elbow to Knee – 15 each leg Freddie Mercury – 15IC

Elbow to Knee – 10 each leg
Focus…this has been more important than ever for YHC. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the virus and how it has affected my life. In the end, all of the time and energy I have given to this has not changed a thing. My best days are when I focus on the areas of my life that I can impact. I have been focusing on how I treat others and ensuring I am being a good role model to my family and peers. Another area I can focus on to better myself is exercise and diet. This group is a great way to start the day to clear the mind and better your body. A shout out to Sasquatch with the H2O boys, he started this group (reach out to him if you want to join) where the goal is to drink half of your weight in water each day. For me I find myself making better decisions throughout the day in order to get the recommended amount of water in my system. This allows me to stay the course and make a positive impact in my life by focusing on events that I can control.
Veterans day Ruck – see Twitter or Slack for more details
Wait Time’s MIL – has decided to pass on treatment so prayers for her and the entire family
All the PAX struggling with mental or physical issues that are preventing them from being out in the gloom
Stay clean! Room Service

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