The Oracle – Backblast: Run of the Roses (9/5/20) – Tater Tot

(Insert trumpet playing sounds here…)  Welcome to F3 and the Run of the Roses!  17 PAX (5 pre runners) joined Tater Tot for the delayed Kentucky Derby celebration Q on one of the last summer feel days of the year.  The F3 intro was given along with mentioning Tater Tot would be the lead Jockey this morning and educate the PAX a little on the history of the Derby while incorporating a beatdown.  Tater has no historical connection with the Derby but loves themes, and horses apparently.  Let mosey!  (slowly to the track)

PAX: Tube Socks, Pothole, A Bomb, Bubbles, Grillz, Scrapper, The Curse, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Vandelay (Respect), Roadhouse, Hashtag (hate), Tugboat, Khakis (Respect), King Pin, Skipper, Sampras and Tater Tot.

Warm a Rama – Very slow mosey around the parking lot allowing for some chatter and ended up on the field adjacent to the school

Side Straddle Hop – 15 IC

Sun Gods in Al Gore hold – 10 forward and 10 backward

Cherry Pickers in Al Gore Hold – 10 IC

Tappy Taps w/ a clap – 10 IC

Big One’s – Side to side stretch – 10 IC

Peter Parkers – 20 IC

Werkins – 20

Chillcut hold – 60 seconds – 6 PAX counted

Churchill Downs (Tater made this up with his super creative mind of his…) The fastest Kentucky Derby finishing time was 1:59 by Secretariat.  We went around in the circle doing happy feet and each PAX called down hitting their chest and back up for 2 minutes.  This got the heart rate up. Let’s mosey to the starting gate!

The Thang:  After a mosey to the big open field on the way to the Murph we circled up and split up into groups of two/three of the PAX choosing of partners. More history was given at “The Starting Gate” as Tater mentioned that the reasoning for the 554 roses that are presented to the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby which came from a post party after the first race in 1883 where there was a single rose given out to each woman that attended.  The tradition of making the rose wreath has stayed in honor of that first event.  Tater Tot based his workout around this number offering 554 reps with the beatdown which was labeled “The Mint Throwup” based off of the official drink of the Derby, Mint Julep.  The Mint Julep consists of Bourbon, Mint and Syrup and The Mint Throwup consists of Burpees, Merkins and Situps….Yum. 

Tater Tot explained the current derby distance is 1 ¼ miles long and broken up in furlongs which is 1/8 mile.  The pax would be asked to complete five rounds of exercises and ¼ mile runs to complete the Run of the Roses.

Starting Gate:

25 LBC’s IC (Khakis Style) – Hold at the top for three count

20 Merkins

15 Burpees

Run 1/8 mile to a cone. Crawl Bear or Reverse lunge 30 feet uphill to another cone. 

Run back to the starting gate 1/8 mile.

Rinse and repeat 5 times and if you finished early, pick up the six.  Bubbles and Grillz were on a mission.  Thanks for pushing us all!

At the conclusion of The Mint Throwup, PAX gathered for the true Run of the Roses race.  Tater Tot asked one member of each group to grab a spoon and golf ball and everyone starting in a line together.  It was a race back to the shovel flags (1/4 mile) switching back and forth the carry.  First team back to the flags would not have to do Mary (which we didn’t do anyway).  A Bomb was not to be beat it seemed as he took an early lead and held strong all the way… until a costly drop late around the final furlong which gave a closing Bubbles team just enough confidence to go for the win by the length of a nose.  Tater Tot was beyond impressed with the speed of which PAX could run with a spoon and golf ball as he could not keep up trying to film in combination with laughter.  The was fun. 

As mentioned, there was no Mary as time was running out and Room Service’s 7am group was starting to form and Vandelay was stirring as that man loves to double up to show support to his amazing AO. 

COT:  We often make the analogy of life being a marathon and not a sprint and we can understand what that is trying to say.  The reality is that the analogy might not exactly be accurate.   It is not that the marathon approach is wrong it just doesn’t necessarily shine the light on the fact that a marathon is really hard.  There is preparation and training involved.  There are roadblocks and injuries.  There are massive setbacks and the mindset of wanting to quick.  And that is all before you even get to the starting gate.  Yes, slow and steady can get you to the finish line but that marathon race we call “life” takes a commitment, focus and devotion.  As many of us are still very much on what could be a sprint into a new life with F3, soaking up the fellowship and watching our bodies and minds change for what seems to be for the better, we also need to understand that at some point in this journey the wall will be hit.  The doubt will creep in, the willingness to get up in the gloom will not be desired.  Well, guess what, those last few miles in the marathon certainly can’t be too enjoyable either but you are constantly putting in the effort to get to the finish line.  To leave right as we say.  The beauty of F3 and the PAX commitment to each other is a lifestyle.  This is forever and there will be times that you may pull back, which is ok, but lean back in.  Get back on the horse.  Just know that we will always be here for you and we are all better because of you. 

Thank you as always for allowing me to lead!

Tater Tot


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