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PAX: Tenderfoot, Tater Tot, Polaroid, Tin Cup, Fire Walker, Rollbar, BetaMax, Lucky Charms

Q: The Plague

The boys from greenwood came up with another doozy to kick off this year’s IPC challenge.

The PAX arrived eager to do the challenge I had everything ready to go from the EMOM timer to the exercises written out on a large sheet of paper. I had developed the most diverse playlist that man has ever seen with tracks from Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, AC/DC, and even some OAR.

The PAX we’re welcomed to the morning and a few exercises were demonstrated by the plague. The timers were synced and the PAX were ready to begin. Three, two, one, go!

• 3 Burpees EMOM
• 50 Hand Release-Release Merkins
• 100 Leg Raises
• 150 Jungle Boi Squats “2Spoonz Style”
• 200 Big Boy Sit-ups
• 250 Stationary Lunge Steps

● This week’s IPC challenge proved to be a mental challenge for YHC. Earlier in the week Tuesday I had volunteered to proctor for IPC and completed my own IPC challenge on Tuesday. As Friday morning drew closer, my time to proctor had arrived and I was less than excited. I felt like I was going to miss the opportunity to crush a workout and my heart rate was going to have some weak experience hovering in the ’90s while I watched other guys compete in the challenge. Little did I know the growth I would experience was not one of physical fitness maybe more of the third F kind of growth.
● We started a 10-second countdown everybody was getting pumped then three, two, one, go! We were off to a good start and everybody was finished with their first three burpees fairly quickly. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to do the challenge and risk these guys not having a good proctor that would help to keep track of form as well as their time. I tried getting creative and doing the exercises along with them but realize I couldn’t go at full speed otherwise I was going to miss the opportunity to encourage some of the guys to push through the pain. So I started doing burpees because that’s what I do now when I’m uncomfortable. I started making up exercises like a 12-count Catalina wine mixer plank jack groiner.
● And then I stopped just watched. Just watch is my brothers pushed through the pain that is known as IPC. Watched as they encouraged each other, watched and encouraged them myself. And then as guys began to finish the last of 250 single leg one steps, I watch the relief on the faces as it got done and the challenge had been completed. And then I continued to watch as the guys who were exhausted went and stood next to their brothers that were still working through it and did the exercises with them.
● See they lost count they lost count of the 250 single leg lunges because they weren’t counting the number of reps they were counting the number of their brothers that were going to complete this thing today. The number of their that brothers that would be encouraged by knowing they can do it. The number of men in our F3Omaha PAX that were motivated to put in the work and get it done.

The PAX completed the challenge and we took a victory lap around the park. We also did an extremely uncomfortable moving name-o-rama video which still perplexes me till this day. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead these men and to just stand by them. I learned an important lesson this day. I learned that sometimes we just need to stand by each other and be present in order to help. Sometimes it’s helpful to do one more rep and sometimes it’s not. Living third is not about how many reps we get in or how high our heart rate climbs during a beat down. Living a third is about putting other people first and this experience helped me get a little bit closer to that change in mindset.

• The Plague shared thoughts on self-centeredness
o when we’re always thinking of ourselves before and above others, we prevent ourselves from experiencing what God wants us to get out of life
o when we expand our view of the world to include other people we actually open ourselves up to seeing our D2X and figuring out our purpose in life
o Spend some time today thinking of the ways in which you’ve been selfish, admit your selfishness and strive to accelerate in living third

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