09/3/20: Futurama 

Busy Season 

Temp: 72 degrees

PAX:(26), Othello, Tug Boat, Tator Tot, Pony Express, Piano Man,  Mac N Cheese, Side Dish, TC, Bogey, 2 Step, The Plague, Gunner, Frosty, Slow Pitch, Sampres, Polaroid, KC, Touche, Patton, Hipster (Respect), Wentworth, Buns of Steel, Rooster, Minuteman, Hashtag, Spreadsheet

QIC: Spreadsheet – VQ!!!

The Opener –  Spreadsheet presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and noted that while he holds a professional designation it is not in fitness. 

 FNG today – No FNG’s today.

Mosey – The PAX moseyed around the memorial circle

Warm – A – Rama:

10 (IC) SSH- also known as GAAP (Get All Appendages Pumping)

10 (IC) Tappy Taps – also known as Punching the Calculator

10 (IC) Sun Gods Forward (Debits) 

10 (IC) Sun Gods Backward (Credits)

6 (IC) Maktar with Merkin (Pivot Table) 

Pre-Thang –  The PAX chain ran from the monument to Cass St. and back

The Thang:

PAX moseyed to the bottom of the steps and were informed that the PAX would be performing a group grinder. Spreadsheets first workout included a group grinder at Cornhusker courtesy of Lucky Charms.

One member of the PAX rungs up the stairs, performs 10 air squats, and returns down the stairs to the group. While each runner ran the PAX completed the following exercises AMRAP:

Monkey Humpers
Flutter Kicks
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Calf Raise / Cherry Pickers
Morrocan Night Clubs
Heel touches
Carolina Dry Docks
Big Boys
Jump Squats
Rinse and Repeat – The PAX completed 2 rounds
Rancid Hammers


Sandlot Seconds- New Addition to CoT:

At this point in the beatdown everything had gone to plan for Spreadsheet. The beatdown had worked perfectly timing wise and complaints about Alternating Shoulder Taps-Plank-Merkins back to back had him smiling from ear to ear.  The workout had been a total blur. Until it actually became a blur as Spreadsheet struggled to begin the CoT as the group circled up began to circle around him.  All of a sudden Spreadsheet was on the ground surrounded by the PAX supporting him.  A “he looks like a dead fish” may have even been uttered. A little water and a couple Sandlot Seconds (exceeded a normal 10 count) was all he needed. Name-a-Rama was completed with the Q on his six and after that he jumped up like Squints after getting his smooch  from Wendy Peffercorn and was ready to complete his Q’ing duties smiling again from ear to ear.


Labor Day Murph Marathons at various sites

Continued support for those taking on the Queen Service Challenge


Those PAX member  going through the last few weeks of Queen Service

For Slick, his M (Christy), and Slick 2.0 (Remy)

The Plague for his medical procedure

Message from the Q:

Mac N Cheese used a dirty trick to get me to post for the first time.  He had been bugging me about posting for a week or so and I continued to give him a “yeah at some point that sounds good”. Well he knew how to turn that non-answer into an answer. My M and I were having dinner at the Mac household and he brought it up while eating knowing that my M wasn’t going to let me get away with the non-answer BS so sure enough I posted at Cornhusker that very next Tuesday. Lucky Charms was on the Q and I got my first taste of F3.I saw a bunch of fit guys, who called one another goofy names I didn’t understand, and called jumping jacks stride straddle hopes (what’s wrong with jumping jacks?).  What I also saw and more importantly felt was the support, camaraderie, and ultimately the fellowship of the group.  I haven’t always placed exercise as a high priority but F3 has helped me change habits. Prior to coming that first time my thought was I’d come once or twice a week (5:30 is so early) but once I posted that first time and then that second I was totally hooked. The genuineness of every individual I met at F3 had me coming back for more.  

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would lead a workout group ever. Prior to F3, I couldn’t even go to the gym and put together a worthwhile workout for myself.  The power of this group is that you may not always individually believe in yourself whether that’s feeling you can’t accomplish parts of a beatdown, struggling with the impacts of COVID, or having trouble connecting to something bigger than yourself but the guys next to you and the guys next to them believe in you. I received the privilege of leading not because I’m the loudest (certainly not true) or the most fit (lots of work to do) but because you all believed I could do it before I even believed. I am eternally grateful for all of you.

Everyone keep doing what you are doing because you are making an impact



Mac N Cheese led the closing prayer

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