September 4, 2020 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 52 Degrees

PAX: 21 – Wait Time, Khakis (Respect), Slow Pitch, Chisel, The Curse, Scrapper, Magic, Sampras (Hate), Short Sale, Convoy, Big One, Armbar, Tuna Fish, Biff, Panty Hose, Nightcrawler, Birdman, Miracle (FNG), Sparty, Royalty (FNG), Roadhouse

QIC: Roadhouse

I woke from my slumber ready to go. My body felt good. My mind was crisp. My anticipation was boiling over. There was only one problem. It was 12:18 AM. Well.. what do I do now? Try to go back to sleep? Get up and head to the combine? Hop in my lazy boy and pull a Slow Pitch… So many options…

I decided to close my eyes and try and get some rest. At 4:15, the alarm went off. Now I was ready. As I pulled into the parking lot at Kiewit, there were two cars already. One was Arm Bar. He was planting his flag into the ground with vigor and passion. I didn’t see anyone else but there was a black truck in the parking lot. As I got closer I saw Khakis on the track. Apparently, he had been there since 2 AM “warming up”.

Sparty and the Curse showed up for the pre- run and they and Arm Bar took off running. Khakis continued to run the track. I had work to do. I grabbed the cones and the lights that Sparty had brought (what a great site Q… the best in town) and headed to the field. I put two cones on the 50 yard line and two on the goal line. We are going to grind today… I took a couple laps around the track to get my mind right for the beatdown and then headed back to the parking lot.

There were some men mingling already and the chatter had started. I greeted the PAX as they pulled in one by one. Two FNGs showed up! That is always exciting but also makes me nervous. I am Qing their first workout, will we ever see them again?

The clock struck 5:15 and I pulled the group together. I welcomed them, called out the FNGs and gave the standard open:

  • The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
  • 5 Core Principles: 1) It’s free; 2) open to all men; 3) always held outdoors; 4) peer led in a rotating fashion; and 5) ends in a circle of trust. 
  • Roadhouse is not a professional. There is a real risk of injury so please modify as necessary.

We started with a mosey around the track. The ground beneath our feet was still warm from Khaki’s 4 hour jog… After one lap I called the group to the 30 yard line to circle up. Time for some Warm-a-rama:


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC

Big Ones 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

Alternating Shoulder Taps 15 IC

Goofballs 15 IC

After the warmup it was time for my signature pre-thang. Time to get sexy! As a 40 year old man, I find that anytime you can get in touch with your body and get a little weird, you have to take it! The moon was huge and full in the sky and my loins were ready for some invigoration.

Sexy Pre-Thang

Pickle pushers 20 IC

Oh Yeahs x10 each arm

Monkey Humpers 20 IC

Pickle Pointers 20

Calf Raises with an Air Hump 10

During the pre-thang, I heard laughter, I heard giggles and I heard the two FNGs questioning their decision to come. What a great way to start thew day!

We then moved onto the Thang! It was a 3 man grinder. Two stations, one at the goal line and the other at the 50 yard line. There was a list if exercises at each one. The workout went as follows:


Station 1

Jump Squats


Mahktar Ndiayes

Smurph Jacks


Station 2:

Sumo Squats

Hand Release Merkins

Plank Jacks

Bonnie Blairs


The third man will do cornerback runs (25 yards backwards and then turn and sprint last 25 yards) between stations. True combine style!

The workout lasted for what seemed like forever. I kept looking at my clock and the time was dragging. The men kept pushing. They never quit. My group was the OG Wait Time and the FNG, Miracle. The vet and the rookie. The beatdown brought them both to their knees… I felt good!

Finally, Omaha was called. The group was breathing hard and headed back to the middle of the field. Time for some Mary.


Scissor Kicks 20 IC

Flutter Kicks 20 IC

Heels to heaven  20

American Hammer 20 IC

What a morning! We finished up and gathered for Name-a-rama. I went around the group smoothly but we stumbled at the end. One FNG said NFG and then I stopped the video before my part… WTF?? Rookie mistake. I asked the group for one more try and like true HIMs, they obliged. The FNG nailed it and I got my name in there too!

We then named our FNG- Kent won a hockey National Championship so Miracle it is. Scott was homecoming king and so were all his brothers hence the name Royalty.

PAX- Wait Time, Khakis (respect), Scrapper, Sampras, Chisel, Short Sale, Convoy, Slow Pitch, Big One, Arm Bar, Panty Hose, Biff, Tuna Fish, the Curse, Magic, Nightcrawler, Bird Man, FNG- Royalty, Sparty, FNG= Miracle, Roadhouse


Last ICP this week is tomorrow at the Combine. Big shoutout to those guys who have been pushing themselves hard these last 2 weeks.

Sparty said something about smoking meat… see him for details.

Monday will offer triple Murph options at the District and Redwing and Titan Alley will debut at 6 AM.

Prayer requests:

Keep Nightcrawler’s friend in mine. His family is having a difficult time.

Keep our boy Slick and his M and their new boy REMY in mind. Always awesome to have a new PAX member. May his hair grow as long as flowing as his father’s…


My COT today is about doubt. It creeps up on all of us. It is what kept me from joining this group sooner. Could I do it? Could I get up? Would I like this group? And candidly doubt has always been a part of my life. Doubting myself at work, doubting myself as a husband and a father. Doubting whether I could or couldn’t do certain things and each time it crept in, it held me back. It prevented me from being the person I wanted to be.

There is a great quote about doubt that says this, “Doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever has.”

My challenge to you is to reflect on where doubt is creeping into your world. And remember this morning… this morning you woke up at 4:30 and you busted your ass. You grinded, you worked and you did more this morning than most people do in a day. Your ability to learn and get better and achieve is actually quite remarkable. Just look back on your life… Remember that when doubt creeps in.

Be great today boys!

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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