Temp: 66 degrees, a little drizzly, but not too bad. 

PAX:(22). Slow Pitch, Smashmouth, Roll Bar, Lucky Charms, Safe Ride, Sister Act ,Tincup, Bloodshot, Polaroid, FNG Brick, Honeystinger, Wentworth, Mufasa, Squidward, Honeybadger, FNG Growler, Hoosgow, Betamax, Folsom, Wide Right, Othello, and Nightcrawler.  

QIC: Nightcrawler and Othello

The Opener –  Othello and Nightcrawler presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer. 

 FNG today –  JJ – Growler, Tom – Brick

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” —Brené Brown

Mosey – The PAX moseyed one lap around the track and met in the middle for warm a rama.

Warm – A – Rama: – Othello

31 (IC) SSH

8   (IC) Tappy Taps

31 (D) Squat Jumps 

8   (IC) Cherry Pickers

31 (D)  Goof Balls

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed to the parking lot for the pre-thang. 

Pre-Thang: – Nightcrawler

Walking Lunges – Forwards

Apollo’s Ohno’s (IC 4c x 8)

Walking Lunges – Backwards

Slide Squats (IC 4c x 8) 

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed to behind the school for the Thang

The Thang: Nightcrawler and Othello

  • Split the PAX into two groups
  • Othello leads group 1 and Nightcrawler leads group 2
  • Group 1:
    • 8 (IC) Chicken Peckers
    • 8 (IC) Pickle Pushers
    • Al Gore for the 6th (the other team)
  • Group 2:
    • 8 (IC) Sumo Squats
    • 8 (IC) Rosealitas 
    • Plank for the 6th (the other team)
  • Both Groups:
    • Bear crawl at the same time to switch sides, RINSE and REPEAT.

Mosey – The PAX moseyed back to the front of the school, to the stairs/hill Northeast of the school.   

Post-Thang: – Othello 

x 2 

15 (IC) Monkey Humpers

Crawl Bear down the hill

15 (D) Werkins

Bear Crawl up the hill

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed back to the flags for 6mom.

6MOM: – Nightcrawler

Partner group 1 w/ group 2 

Leg Throws x 31

Side plank left 31 sec

Side plank right 31 sec



VQ Season is among us, support each other! 


Folsom grandmother mother.

Men in Queenservice.

Message from the Q’s:

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” —Brené Brown

Brene Brown is a public speaker and advocate for public schools. I felt this was quite relevant to our growth of F3 Omaha. Here’s the deal, take ownership of your story, of who you are and how you contribute to F3. When you’re able to do that, other HIM of the PAX will see you and would want to follow and accelerate like you. This is important because we are different and come from different perspectives, let’s embrace that and connect with each other. That is one of the main reasons why Nightcrawler and I wanted to Q together. We have such an underlying love for F3 and we also embrace who we are as individuals… just a pair of goofballs that love you guys. Thank you for coming out to our birthday today!

In F3, EVERY man is Freed to Lead. The bondage of external expectations NO LONGER APPLIES… save ONE = every man is EXPECTED to accelerate towards their BEST, and most AUTHENTIC expression of self. We recognize and celebrate that every man is, and should forever be, a work in progress. We pursue this noble journey, together. 

Our collective strength lies in our UNITY. Individuals, drawing on our unique experiences – following our unique consciences – choose to associate, remediate, and ACCELERATE with other men, who endeavor towards the great unknown. 

The only limitations to this organization’s positive impact in our community are the limitations we put on ourselves, and the limitations we put on eachother. Resist the urge to shackle yourself, and others, with society’s expectations. 

Every day we post together we are stronger, individually, AND stronger, collectively. If you need to hear that you HAVE permission to pursue and accelerate towards your most authentic self… Permission granted.

If you don’t know, now you know! 

  • Nightcrawler, 37 and Othello, 33!
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