DATE: Thursday, September 3, 2020

AO: The Battlefield (Westside HS)

WEATHER: 72 degrees with little wind and completely clear sky over a very well lit football field

PAX: Beta Max, Sister Act, Bubbles, Skipper, Fury, Toadstool, Tenderfoot, Samples (Respect!), Hoosegow, Huffy, Stella, Merch, Baskins (Respect!), Khakis (Respect!), Gumbo, Grillz, Growler, Biff, Brick, Brazilian, Safe Ride, Honey Stinger, Ponzi, Hard Hat

QIC: Hard Hat

WELCOME: Some dudes showed up early for a pre-run and pre-ruck. YHC arrived just before 5:00am, threw on a ruck, and gathered the goods to set up for the beatdown. The ruckers did some laps on the track allowing for the Q to join them upon finishing setup. Needless to say, the delay in departing the track for the ruck resulted in the Q having to hoof it back to the shovelflag. A large group of PAX were gathered around the flag, surely mumbling about “who’s the Q today?” “where’s he at?” “what a doofus, showing up late for his Q”. Well, at 5:30:47, the Q bust through the crowd, rambled a little about this being F3 or something, then told the PAX to do a warm up lap finishing on the East side of the field near the 50 yard line.

WARMARAMA: Circled up a mid field, the PAX were directed to complete: SSH x 20 IC, Tappy Taps x 15 IC, and Hillbillies x 20 IC. YHC had a lot planned for this workout to cram into a short amount of time, so no need to waste time with a ton of warmup. The group counted off (24, perfect!) and it was determined to split into two groups for the two part thing. Each THANG was explained briefly, knowing that many of the PAX would understand as it got rolling. The groups would switch upon completion of THANG 1.

THANG 1: Twelve Stations of Pain – 11 cones and one hard hat were setup in a circular fashion. Each PAX would pick a station, and perform the exercise, until the push station was complete, and the group could rotate.

  1. Hard Hat / Push station: 25 Big Boy Sit-ups
  2. Ranger Merkins
  3. Sumo Squats
  4. Monkey Humpers
  5. Carolina Dry Docks
  6. Dips on the Bench
  7. Mahktar N’Diayes
  8. Peter Parkers
  9. Wide Merkins
  10. Cherry Pickers
  11. Bonnie Blairs
  12. Alt. Shoulder Taps

THANG 2: Three Group Grinder – Three station setup with a push station. Group split into 3 groups of 4 to complete the exercises together until pushed to the next station. This would continue until the THANG 1 group finished all 12 stations.

  1. PUSH station at bottom of stairs: 20 Dips for 1st round, 20 Decline Merkins for 2nd round
  2. Top of stairs: Inverted Rows or Incline Merkins for 1st round, Merkin walk down stairs for 2nd round
  3. Wall: Balls to the Wall for 1st Round, Wall Sits for 2nd Round

Various mumblechatter and conversations occurred throughout the workout, because most guys did not need to keep count on reps and there wasn’t a Q telling everyone what to do. To help motivate and prevent awkward silence, Hard Hat also provided music for everyone’s listening pleasure (Playlist at end of Backblast).

Omaha was called once the 2nd group completed THANG 1. The PAX did a cool down lap on the track and circled up at the North end of the track to wrap things up.

3 MINUTES OF FREDDIE: In lieu of typical Mary, HH brought back the much loved core routine, Ride the Bike. To the tune of Bicycle Race by Queen, PAX flutter kick for duration of the song, and perform a Freddie Mercury crunch every time the word “bicycle” or “bike” is mentioned. After two minutes, the song goes almost silent, and the PAX typically stop kicking. You gotta push through that and keep kicking!


  • First Friday, 2nd F Lunch tomorrow at the Inner Rail
  • IronPAX available tomorrow at Stinson Park 5:15am, and Saturday at The Combine 6:00am

CIRCLE OF TRUST: The pre-blast indicated we’d work on breaking down some walls. I shared that I’m not very good with setting goals and sticking to them. I’m good at getting ideas of ways to improve, but rarely take that idea and make it into a goal that I write down and track. Usually those ideas are forgotten after a few days. Right now, I’m in the grind of the Queenservice challenge with a bunch of dudes that have set goals and are leaning on each other for accountability. This challenge required me to set a goal. After reaching my initial goal, I set a new goal. Right after setting the new goal, I started to hit a wall. For 3 weeks, the scale would show that I hardly lost anything. This was starting to get a little frustrating, but around this same time, I was hearing on a podcast another example of someone with a goal that stuck with it, and through perseverance was able to bust through that goal. I knew and just had to keep sticking to my plan and I’d eventually get there. Then one day, it was like I lost 3-4 lbs overnight. I encourage everyone to step back and think of something that you want to improve, or something that is holding you back. Set a goal to bust through that setback, and communicate your goal with others. Accountability is so important and the best way to hold yourself accountable is to communicate that goal with someone else. Once you do this, stick to your plan to meet that goal, and you’ll eventually break through it.


Hard Hat

  • Breakthrough Playlist
    • rock n rik – ricky retro
    • Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
    • Hitchin’ a Ride – Green Day
    • Stay Away – Nirvana
    • Electric Avenue – Skindred
    • Someday Baby – R.L. Burnside
    • Better in the Fall – The Steel Woods
    • Born For Greatness – Papa Roach
    • Waking Lions – Pop Evil
    • Bicycle Ride – Queen

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