Top Rope Backblast: It’s all about perspective

Back Blast Top Rope: It’s all about perspective

Wednesday Sept 2nd:  61 degrees with a full moon and cloud cover.

Note: I will be attempting to make this backblast less robotic. I have been treating them like a lesson plan. Just the bones and the magic will come durning the workout in the workout.

-So YHC Armbar got to Top Rope around 4:40 to set up. Wanted to get a pre run in so early set up is needed. Took a long Mosey under the dodge expressway to use a little know field south of dodge. While setting up I could see 2 sets of eyes in the dark with my head lamp. Luckily one was much shorter than the other telling me deer and not anything more predator like. Yes I mean Mountain Lion which have been spotted many times along the west papio where we spend so many mornings in the gloom and it was a thought for a second.

-Get back to the shovel flags around 4:55 to an empty lot….Ok I can just take a lap or two up to dodge and back.  Then a set of headlights, my boy Othello is there for a ruck.  As sight Q a few weeks back we had 7 pre runners and Othello the lone Rucker (which he did on his own).  I recall thinking I should have not left any man to do this on his own.  So no need for him to ruck and myself to run OYO so I joined in for a no weight ruck.  Also known as a walk.

-Upon returning I see 1 man standing alone in the lot and only 4 total cars. Why is no one coming to the rope this am. Have I reached plague status where people are afraid of the beatdowns I throw out. (all love to the Plague and I know I have a long way to go to reach what he throws out). Then Mufasa gets out of his car and where have 4 men ready for the gloom. A little bummed out but still ready to roll. Then Flanders pulls in a minute late. And we get going.

-Even though I had a little sadness in me at the low numbers by the end of workout it wasn’t even a thought.  Because 5 HIM gave their all for 45 minutes and that’s all that mattered.    

Q: Armber

5 PAX: Mufasa, Magic, Flanders, Othello

Armbar greats the group.

F3-Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Statement-To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

Core Principles-1 Free, 2 Open to all men, 3 always held outdoors, 4 Lead in a rotating fashion, 5 will end in a circle of trust

Disclaimer: he is not a professional so please modify when needed.


Mosey to the play ground


Sun Gods Forward and back 10 IC

Tappy Taps 15 IC Needed these badly because the hamstrings were tight from the IPC

Abe Bagotas 10 IC Did I say my hammy’s were tight.

Pre Thang

Long mosey as a group to the field south of dodge.  The fog was thick and the morning was dark.  Mufasa asked if he could back to his car but got them feet moving for the run.

The Thang-Perspective Grinder

PAX was asked to partner up.  Not very hard to do with 5 guys and YHC joined in with a group.

A 2 man grinder was set with glowing cones in the distance.  The man who started the exercises was asked to pick from the 2 listed which he perceived as harder and was to do 100 reps while the other HIM ran to the cones and back.

If you were the finisher of the 100 reps you then got to choose the next exercise for 100 reps.

Ranger Merkins or Hand Release Merkins

Bobby Hurleys or Monkey Humpers

Flutter Kicks or Scissor Kicks

Mountain Climbers or Plank Jacks

Alt Shoulder Taps or Blades of Steel

Toe Touches (Should have been Heal Touches) or Low Dolly’s

Sumo Squats or Jump Tucks

Peter Parkers or Parker Peters

Seal Claps or Overhead Claps

After 20 minutes in the dark wet field with only the orbs and a back porch light that was like a light house in the distance, Omaha was called. Then the long mosey back to the north side of town where the Flags were waiting.


Each member picked a Mary for 15 reps IC

Starting with Flanders-Freddy Mercury’s

Magic-Heals to Heaven with a toe touch

Othello-Star Fish Crunch


Armber-American Hammers

Announcements and Prayers

CSAUP Ruck for the 12th for the 9/11 memorial

Rollbar walk for diabetes.  Not sure on all the details so check slack


-Today you were asked to pick the work out that you perceived to be harder. But the fact is that you partner might not perceive that to be the same. It a situation where you both can be right and wrong at the same time. This CoT stemmed from Wide Rights Q last week where he used the space at Aldrich in a way I had never thought about or seen. TClaps on that sweet VQ Wide Right. During my set up I brought some chalk and drew a large 6 on the parking lot cement. Or maybe its a 9. It all depends on where you’re standing and what your perception is. But both people are correct on what they see.

-In my class when I say this is the activity for the day I seem to always have a kid that says “thats easy Mr. Weber” and at the same time another kid is in the back and I can see in there body language they are thinking. Jeez Mr. Weber why are you making this so hard. And there sometimes is a kid thinking. “F#$k you” to the kid who says it’s easy because it is just shattering their confidence because it’s not easy for them. (I did say a bad word during CoT and Mufasa called me on it right away. Not very HIM of me. Maybe it was the fellowship and comfortability I had with these men. Apologies were given). So please make sure to understand that many different perspective can be correct, but at the same time but don’t use you perspective to put other people down and hurt their confidence.


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