Heavy Metal Backblast – September 2, 2020 | 63 and humid 

17 PAX: Hard Hat, Folsom, Double Take, Backflow, Night Crawler, Slow Roast, Beta Max, Buns of Steel, Frosty, Touche, Squidward, Hoosegow, Wentworth, Hipster (Respect! Respect!), Samples (Respect), McConaughey, Cheney 

Q: Lucky Charms  

LC welcomed 17 PAX promptly at 5:30. Reminded everyone that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship & Faith, gave the 5 principalsthe mission statement before noting that modification is encouraged and that he is not a professional. Quick count off was completed before a short warm-up mosey, YHC noted that we are doing some different things today … the PAX seemed concerned and the mumblechatter continued through the run. 

Warm-A-Rama (SONG: War Pigs by Black Sabbath) 

  • SSH – 20 IC 
  • Tater Taps – 10 IC 
  • Copperhead Squats x 10 IC 
  • Sun Gods – 10 IC each direction 
  • YHC instructed everyone to grab their weights for a farmers carry that finished by the covering in the northeast corner of the park. 

The Pre-Thang (SONGS: Hold on Loosely by 38 Special and Hanginaround by Counting Crows) 

PAX partnered up. One partner would do a dead hang for as long as possible while partner completed an exercise and then switch.  

Round 1: Flutter Kicks while partner hung. After both partners hand hung and fell, copperhead squats until the last person hung on … no surprise it was hard hat. 

Round 2: Mountain climbers while partner hung, cherry pickers together to the 6. 

PAX then grabbed their weights, and while in a squat position, shuffled back to the playground area. 

The Thang 

YHC start up a playlist of OutKast that included ATLiens, Rosa Parks, Ms. Jackson, and Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. The instructions were that we would do 5 exercises, decreasing reps by 5 each round, starting with 20, ending with 5 of each, and 3 burpees between each round. Worth noting that YHC forgot the deadlifts twice, so we made them up at the end. Thank you for the reminder! The exercises were: 

  • Squat press  
  • Curls (broken into 3 types: half way down to all the way up, all the way down to half way up, and then full curl) 
  • Dead lift 
  • Bent tricep extensions  
  • Bent row 

The Post-Thang: 

What better way to cap off the workout than with a bear crawl … with weights across the playground and back. Mumblechatter mostly was encouragement for others, but Folsom did note that Beta Max sounded like the original Iron Man suit as his weights slammed on the ground.  

6MOM (SONG: The Whole World feat. Killer Mike by OutKast) 

  • LBCs x 15 IC (with weights) 
  • Heel touches x 20 IC 
  • Big boys x 10 on up (some did with weights) 
  • Hammers with weights x 25 IC (each PAX did one count, YHC finished to 25) 


  • Announcements/Prayers 
  • A lot going on right now, so prayers for leaders across the world, our country, and our communities. 
  • Encouragement by the PAX’s numbers and push over the last few months to accelerate. 
  • Queenservice competition going on. Go onto Slack, encourage everyone as they push toward their goals. Only a few weeks left before we see if we get to make a donation to The Hope Center for Kids or if we hang our heads low. Everyone needs to make their goal and could use your support. 
  • COT/Prayer 
  • Nervous to Q his first Heavy Metal beatdown, YHC focused mostly on the workout. It wasn’t until he laid down the night before did he think of something for the COT. Thinking of weights that we carry, we all have some level of burden or difficulty in our lives. They can range from small inconveniences to major, life-altering decisions or debates. While our numbers grow and our sites grow, we need to make sure to think of the 2nd F of fellowship. If your weight is light today, make sure to pick someone else up. If your weight is heavy today, reach out to other PAX. We are, and need to continue to be, here for each other. Lean into the group and find your support.  
  • Coffeteria was held … mainly discussing soreness related to Iron PAX.  



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