Stingers massive Swarm!!

Q-Honey Stinger,

PAX-Slow Pitch, 40 Grit, Biggie Smalls, Big One, Chiclets (respect), Swinger, Toadstool, Honey Badger, DaVinci, Grillz, Wide Right, Room Service, Left Seat, Vandelay (respect), Samples(respect), Gumbo, Brick, Double Take, Hoosegow, Sparty, Pancake(hate), Blue Chip, Buns of Steel, Skipper, Tin Cup, Tender Foot, Flanders, Panty Hose, Birdman, Growler, Sister Act, High Tower, Wolverine, Knobs, Safe Ride, Blood Shot, Griswald, Baskin(respect), STELLA, Greek Freak.

FNGs-WELCOME!!!!!. Michael Ludwick F3 Backflow and Joe McGill F3 Scrum.

5:30am-mission statement and core principals announced. Pleasantries exchanged, introductions made.

5:31am-Time to work! PAX takes off on a solid mosey for a full lap around Westside stadium track and meets in the middle to circle up for WOR.

WOR-SSH-15IC, Tappy Taps-12IC, Sun Gods/Calf Raise-10/each direction IC, Imperial Walkers 15-IC, High Knees-15IC, Goof balls-15IC

Q Honey Stinger wastes no time after WOR and launches the PAX into a fury of pre-thang activities that brought on mumble chatter early in the game. ATMs, Alternating shoulder taps-10Ic, Tempo merkins-10ic, merkins-10. BMWs, Bobby Hurleys-15, Monkey Humpers-15IC, Werkins-15. PPP, Pickle Pushers-10IC, Plank Jacks-10IC, Pickle Pounders-10IC.

Stinger takes the group single file to the stadium stairs for a good ole stadium stair run. After the run the PAX Al Gore till the 6 and then took position for 20 dips followed by 15IC step ups. After that was competed the PAX mosey to the north end zone for a special treat.

Stinger informs the PAX they will be doing a bit of the Iron Pax to honor the tradition and warm up those PAX men who would be partaking in in the full event. 6 minutes was put on the the clock and 3 Burpees started the clock. 3 burpees were performed at the top of every minute and were called out by H. Stinger. In between the PAX were given choice of Big Boys, Leg Raises, Jungle Boi Squats, Hand Release release merkins and alternating front lunges x 50. PAX could do any exercise in any order. The PAX picked their pain and took off in their routines. Groans and mumble chatter were consistent and Stinger called Omaha at 6 minutes of action to set up another grueling 3 man grinder.

PAX were informed to pair into 3s with 2 men going to the west sideline and 1 to the west. 1 of the 2 team members on the west would the the runner/push man and would run the field sidelines. The other 2 member would do the exercises listed AMRAP. The listed exercises on the east sideline were. Burpees, Air Squats, LBCs, Merkins, Jump Squats, Big Boys. The West sideline exercises were Mountain Climbers, imperial walkers, Squat Jumps, sumo squats, werkins, planks

6:07am-Stinger calls Omaha and circles the PAX at midfield for 6MM

Flutter kicks-15IC, Marge and Homers, Alphabet soup, American Hammer-20IC.

COR, NOR, Prayer requests, announcements. Welcome FNGs Scrum and Backflow. Flanders and Folsom’s GMAs, Trademark, Slicks upcoming child. Participate in IPC. Give blood.

COT. “You are who you associate with. Look around at your 5 closest friends and that is who you are. If you don’t want to be that person you know what you have to do” -Will Smith.

I feel like we all have made this decision to get involved in this group. Who we are, who we want to spend time with. What we want to become. Better men, better fathers, better friends, better husbands, and coworkers. I know you guys have lifted me up, helped me excel, changed my mindset from being ok with mediocrity to wanting to excel. I bought into F3 Omaha not because of the work out but the people. I was looking for great and high level people and i found them here. Lean in. Accelerate. You can do it here. Today, i am truly YHC. Cheers. SYITG


H.S. Stinger

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