September 1, 2020

AO: Aldrich Elementary (Red Wings, Top Rope, The Oracle)

Weather: 59 degrees with a slight breeze

PAX: Merch, Biff, Slick, Thor, Wentworth, Folsom, Barn Door, Huffy, Tugboat, Khakis (respect!)

Q/Proctor: Hard Hat

It was an amazing morning to grind out the first official IronPAX workout of 2020. YHC arrived at 0500 to an empty parking lot to begin setup and possibly do a little ruck. Quickly though realizing the speaker was left behind, Hard Hat’s mind was racing through all the options: go home and get the speaker; roll down the windows and crank up the bluetooth in the truck; just use the phone and it’s puny speaker and hope to God the guys can hear the timer and maybe the music.

A decision must be made!!! Haul ass home and get that speaker. Thankfully traffic is light in the early morning gloom.

YHC arrived again to a parking lot of PAX that looked confused as to where exactly are we doing this thing. Although the Q was setting up on the West side of the parking lot, the PAX were still hanging out in the usual gathering spot. No worries, the Q came over and encouraged them to continue stretching, because there wasn’t going to be a warmarama. Eventually Khakis brought his shovel flag over and planted it near the setup spot. Slowly the PAX migrated over to the location where they would train their brains to do three burpees on the minute every minute (thanks Folsom for tweeting about that after, it’s soooo true). Hard Hat hastily setup the speaker, a giant board with the workout listed, a clipboard, and various time keeping devices (three to be precise, it’s all about redundancy).

Right at 0530 things got kicked off. The workout was explained, with exercises demonstrated. The disclaimer was given, with modification encouraged if needed, but the PAX were also encouraged that regardless of who finishes first, and who finishes last, it’s always YOU vs. YOU. Push yourself to complete the entire workout, and when you finish, go encourage the guys still completing it. We’re all in this to get better, so let’s do just that!

The music started, and all three timekeeping devices where synced to perfection and the first beep was the signal to begin “Inspector’s Gadget”.

  • EMOM (called by app) – 3 burpees Every Minute On the Minute
  • 50 Hand Release Release Merkins
  • 100 Leg Raises
  • 150 Jungle Boi Squats “2Spoonz Style”
  • 200 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 250 Stationary Lunge Steps (count each leg as 1 rep)

Almost every minute the proctor would holler out “Burpees”, which at times probably sounded kind of obnoxious. It was about 12 minutes in that he seemed to lighten up a little bit (must have finally got over the brain fart moment of the morning that threw him into a bit of a tailspin). The music was well selected (IMHO) for this beatdown, providing a nice mix of new and old, higher tempo tunes, a crossing a few genres with the majority being along the lines of hard rock (Playlist at the end of Backblast).

As the PAX were finishing the Proctor was near to record their times on the clipboard. Then they’d catch their breath, maybe get a drink, layout in the grass, etc. and then complete more reps with guys still completing the workout. Upon completion of the final rep, the music was stopped and the PAX quickly circled up. This workout took a little longer than most and we were pushing 6:25am for getting things wrapped up.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • IPC offerings again tomorrow at Westside, Friday at Stinson Park, and Saturday at the Combine.
  • Prayers for Folsom’s co-worker’s mother
  • Prayers for Slick and M with their son due in a couple days!

COT: Wanted to keep things brief with the lengthy workout. The Daily Stoic is a great resource for some motivation and wisdom. In a post earlier this year, not long after COVID-19 was taking a hold on reality for many of us and causing a lot of anxiety, they had a post called “8 Stoic Ways to Find Peace”. This felt fitting for now, because we could always use a little more peace during this crazy time and world we live in.

  1. Don’t suffer imagined troubles
  2. Accept your own mortality
  3. Remember whose opinion matters
  4. Schedule stillness in your life
  5. Find the beauty in everyday life
  6. Take the view from above
  7. Live by a code
  8. Reflect often

Take some time today to focus on one of these. Just doing a little more of one of these items will help you find a little more peace.

Peace and Love!

Hard Hat

  • Inspector’s Gadget Playlist (50 Minutes)
    • Take a Look Around – Limp Bizkit
    • Happy? – Mudvayne
    • Bodies – Drowning Pool
    • Here We Go – Lower Than Atlantis
    • sugar honey ice & tea – Bring Me The Horizon
    • Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
    • Do You Call My Name – Ra
    • ‘Till I Collapse – Eminem, Nate Dogg
    • Dangerous – Shaman’s Harvest
    • Hitchin’ a Ride – Green Day
    • Stay Away – Nirvana
    • Electric Avenue – Skindred
    • X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX

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