9.1.2020: Wild Kingdom

9-1-2020 0530  AO: Wild Kingdom  Weather: 59 degrees, partly cloudy


PAX: Wait Time, Hawg, Convoy, LPC, Armbar, the Curse, Brad Pitt, Beta Max, Mufasa, Thomas, Crabcakes, Yodle, Porch Swing, Kingpin, Tonight Show

QIC: Rollbar

YHC found the gathering PAX upon his return from a Pre-Ruck with Beta Max and Jean Claude. Promptly at 0530 the Welcome & introduction, disclaimer, core principles were shared in a halting fashion (YHC was a little out of sorts having left my Weinke on the counter at home). Before heading off for a mosey to Warm-o-rama YHC told the PAX that they should think about their “WHY” regarding F3, why do you post? Why are you here?


SSH x20 IC

Cherry pickers x25 IC

Tappy-taps x 10 IC


Mosey to the dam, pausing quickly at the bathroom for  Balls to the wall, 5 count per PAX

Hill Sprints on the dam Sprint up, walk down x7 PLANK FOR THE 6 AT THE TOP after 7th

Thang: Why (2 man grinder) atop the dam




Big boys x200

Squats x250

 Omaha was called before most teams reached the Squats, we returned to the Shovel Flag for Mary. 


American Hammers x5ic per pax

COT: your WHY

Your F3 why: Why do you get up in the pre-dawn hours to put yourself through a beatdown from some maniac? Why do the CSAUP? to get fit? For friendship? Accountability? 

My WHY has evolved over the 2+ years I’ve been in the PAX.

At first, it was “Why the hell not?”, I’ll try anything once. Well, almost anything.

Then it was because I wanted to be a badass, that guy who did the hard stuff before the Sad Clowns are even out of bed. The guy who did the stupid, pointless stuff that made the fat guy at work say “why would you do that to yourself?!”.

Then it became about leadership. 

I want to be prepared to lead no matter what life throws at me.  I want to lead well, in my family, in my workplace, and my community. I want to be a steadfast, level headed, virtuous leader. 

I’ve had the notion for a while now that F3 builds in me a level of toughness uncommon to men today. During GrowRuck DREDD put it into words in a way that is easy to communicate: 

“To build durability for periods of low visibility and stress.” 

I see that happening on 2 fronts, mentally and physically durable. 

Because I participate in beatdowns regularly I am strong, I can carry my kid, or wife to safety if needed, I can run for help, I can lift the heavy things. 

Because I put myself under mental stress through the early morning beatdowns and the CSAUPs I have a level of mental durability to handle the punches life throws my way. I can lead calmly even in difficult situations because I work hard to build that toughness consistently.

Get out in the Gloom with consistency, preparedness is essential for good leadership in difficult times. Be durable! 

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