August 29, 2020 |AO – The Combine | Kiewit High School | 61 Degrees

PAX: 13 – Armbar, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Tugboat (Toot Toot), T-Bird, Tuna Fish, Icy Hot, Tin Cup, Fumblerooski, Pablo, Othello, Thor, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

It was a beautiful crisp morning that required YHC to wear long sleeves. Sparty was woken up early due to a child having a bad dream, so he used this to his advantage to get to The Combine (oh he loves his Combine) earlier than planned. Upon arriving at 05:30, there wasn’t a car in sight, or a noise that could be heard. Since Sparty had volunteered to Proctor the IPC Challenge for the morning, he had some setting up to do. Othello arrived early to ruck around the track and Sparty had to shout out an audible to him as he was about to bury his shovel flag by the entrance. Sparty had the genius idea to post his flag at the 50-yard line, soft ground. When Tater Tot arrived, he was very pleased by the new location for the flags.

As the PAX gathered around the track at 06:00, Sparty welcomed the nervous nellies to F3 Omaha, week 0 of the Iron PAX Challenge at The Combine! YHC offered some encouraging words as he had already kicked week 0’s butt earlier in the week. He then walked them through a beautifully executed demonstration of each exercise. A disclaimer was shared that while Sparty would be the Proctor for the day, he would not be “no rep”ing anyone. Keep yourselves accountable, but give it your best effort to respect the workout. Since Sparty could feel the tension with the group, but didn’t want to just throw them in the ring, he took them through a brief warm up to get their heart rates moving, and bodies ready for the beatdown.

  • Warm-a-rama
    • 20 yard mosey
    • 5 air squats with perfect depth
    • 20 yard mosey
    • 5 Big Boi’s
    • 20 yard mosey
    • 5 Merkins
    • 20 yard mosey
    • 5 Bonnie Blairs IC
    • 20 yard mosey
    • 3 burpees
    • Mosey back to the flags

It was now time for the men to get the IPC going. A few questions were asked: will there be music? Duh, yes! Where should we do the exercises? Where do we need to start and finish our runs? They were obviously nervous and trying to delay YHC from saying “Go.” Sparty encouraged the PAX to work hard, reminded them that they were competing only against themselves, and asked that they pick up the 6 today (like we always do at The Combine). As the HIM found their spots for the beatdown, Sparty got the iPad already with the official timer, primed the music, and “GO!”

  • The Thang – 4 rounds for time
    • 50 Air Squats
    • 40 Big Boi’s
    • 30 Merkins
    • 20 Bonnie Blairs
    • 10 Burpees
    • 400m Run

The PAX got off to a great start as Tater Tot, Armbar, Tuna Fish, and T-Bird were flying. One round in and The Proctor could see something wasn’t right with Fumblerooskie. He checked on him and learned that he had to make an emergency run to the gas station so he didn’t poop his pants. Very proud of the swiftness of the execution to get there, take care of business, then return to the track to finish. As we got into the 2nd round, it was noticeable that our Nan’tan was not slowing down, and Armbar was not going to let him have all the fun. As we got into round 3, Sparty became concerned by the look of Slow Pitch. He was assured that he would be alight. Up to this point, the only thing that could be heard was heavy breathing, Sparty’s rock’n roll playlist, and encouragement from Sparty. At 20:14, Icy Hot finally broke the silence with some mumblechatter as he too offered encouraging words to the PAX! As the anticipation of Tater Tot getting out for his last 400m run approached, a man approached the track with his dog and greeted Sparty with a “Good Morning, Sir.” YHC laughed, “Sir? Haha.” It was a friend of his that he was doing a race with at 08:00. He asked about F3 then went on his way.

It was now time, the PAX was finishing their final round, or starting it. Tater Tot crossed the finish line first in an impressive 23 minutes, with Armbar not far behind. T-Bird gave it a great effort and laid down on the plush Combine grass to recover from the massacre. Slow Pitch was blacking out as he was pushing through round 4 of exercises, but Sparty had seen this before and knew an ambulance wasn’t necessary. The HIM just needed to give himself a 10 count. One-by-one, the HIM got their final lap going and the encouragement from the PAX picked up tremendously. Then, 2 incredible things happened. As our humble Slow Pitch took off on his mosey, little brother Tater Tot joined him and played “Ain’t Life Grand,” on his phone as they mosey’d around the track. It was a powerful moment to watch, and deeply meaningful to the Rider brothers. Then as Thor and Tugboat took off on their final lap, the PAX joined each of them. Sparty stuck around to support Fumblerooskie as he finished up his exercises, and upon completion, he took off with the entire PAX joining him as we all brought the 6 in this morning! YHC had never been so proud to be a part of F3. It was powerful and encouraging to everyone.

The PAX then started to gather their breath as we counted off…….12, and 13? Sparty was uncertain if he should count himself, but the HIM let him know that his role was very important to them this morning. Mission accomplished!

Name-a-rama – Smiles and exhaustion from all.

Announcements: Q School wraps up today, but we’ll continue to do more of it going forward. As a result of this, we have a lot of VQ’s on the calendar. As the “Veterans,” we need to make sure we are posting for these and supporting these men. As an AAR, Sparty asked for feedback from the group if it is good to have a proctor at the IPC that isn’t working out. All positive comments were shared.

Prayers: Slow Pitch offered some beautiful words to pray for Chadwick Boseman and his family. Wakanda Forever!!!

COT: I have 2 short messages today: 1. You guys did awesome today. You respected the workout. Worked hard, kept positive attitudes, and helped push your brothers through the finish line. This is what it’s all about and why our culture in F3 Omaha is so great! I encourage you to keep coming out and continuing to share this with the PAX. Again, great job today and I’m extremely proud of all of you! 2. I am stealing a message from Two Step that I believe he stole from someone else………don’t be an asshole (It was at this time Tater Tot chuckled and let Sparty know that Two Step got it from Swinger, and it was Dickhead, not asshole). Then Sparty claimed this message for himself since he used a different word. There is a lot of negativity and combative conversations going on in the world today. From political divide, racial tensions, child trafficking, kids being in school, wearing masks…several things going on right now that people are being very ugly to one another. We can step up and be leaders at this time in our community. Don’t be an asshole, but kind to one another and teach others how they should be responding.

Prayer: After hearing Slow Pitch share powerful words already, Sparty called upon him to take the PAX out in prayer.



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