Date Time Group (DTG) 29AUG2020 0600

Location The Canyon

Weather 62°F, 90% Humidity, wind North to South at 5 MPH. Mostly cloudy. 

PAX (14) Prime Time, Roll Bar, Tender Foot, Safe Ride, T.C. (Respect), Bloodshot, Folsom, Huffy [cha-ching], Beta Max, Wentworth [W], Lucky ChARms, Alex Sipe FNG- F3: Heisenberg (hate), Mac & C itheese (hate), Nightcrawler 

QIC Nightcrawler

Welcome F3 mission statement, 5 core principles, welcome FNG, disclaimer 

Warm-O-Rama Occurred On the Move (Oscar Mike)

The Thang

Pace Mile 1 (16:36 min/mile), Mile 2 (15:08 min/mile), Mile 3 (14:49 min/mile)

*YHC credits the successively faster pace to Safe Ride’s killer soundtrack. 

MumbleChatter Its challenging to keep a large group together while stepping it out through urban terrain. Held intermittent Al Gore or plank at some intersections to ensure the PAX stayed tight. Tclaps for the HIM who kept an eye on the 6. Construction everywhere slightly modified the pre-planned route. Fortunate side effect to construction: Port-A-John was “Johnny on the spot” for Lucky Charms. Pax did not confirm #1 or #2. YHC recalls rucking over an abandoned boot sole on the sidewalk. 

Shortly after, a black cat was spotted creeping around the Hilton parking lot. YHC knew Alanis was bad news. Mac & Cheese & soon to be named “Heisenberg” peeled off for a pit stop at Marriott. Must’ve had something bubbling (anyone?). YHC called Mac & Cheese to ensure the 6 was accounted for. Mac & Cheese assured me they would catch up. Made an on-call decision to adventure down a hill to gain some time back- did not want those planning on 0700 Q School to be tardy. Mumblechatter whispers of doubt expelled from a few PAX, but YHC knew the area well from attending many a Creighton basketball game over the years. To the PAX pleasure (or dismay) there was no fence hopping. As we closed in on the shovel flags, YHC spotted Mac & Cheese and soon to be Heisenberg making perfect time to reunite with the main effort prior to arrival. YHC was elated to finish with all hands (hopefully clean).

Mary Leg lifts x 15 (4c IC, Rancid stye)

CoT Name-O-Rama, named & welcomed FNG “Heisenberg” (T-claps Mac & Cheese), Announcements: Q School w/ Khakis (Respect) at The Canyon 0700, Oscar Mike continues immediately following. Should have finished with a moment for Sky Q but got distracted thinking fellas would be late to Q School. 

Date Time Group (DTG) 29AUG2020 0700

Location The Canyon

Weather 60°F, 96% Humidity, North-South 7 MPH. Mostly cloudy. 

PAX (8) Prime Time, Roll Bar, Tender Foot, Safe Ride, Bloodshot, Beta Max, Wentworth [W], Nightcrawler, F3 Heavy Metal shovel flag w/ Old Glory (Respect x 19.4 [(244-50)/10]). 

QIC Nightcrawler

Welcome: No FNGs or new PAX. F3 mission statement, 5 core principles, & disclaimer had already been delivered.  

Warm-O-Rama PAX were plenty warm. 

The Thang

Pace Mile 1 (17:04 min/mile), Mile 2 (16:14 min/mile), Mile 3 (16:19 min/mile)

*Second ruck pace slower, emphasis on time under load vice speed under load

Mumblechatter: As 8 PAX stepped off for another high ho silver, there was a different sort of giddyap in our trot. The first ruck was definitely more cantor (more 1st F than 2nd F, if you will). This one was equally 1st & 2nd F. Why? I don’t know. Likely to do with Beta bringing Old Glory along, Rollbar donning his Cali Boy Jeepin’ shades, the 8 of us knowing we were doubling down for double MILEAGE, and that feeling every Nebraskan has when entering Iowa. As you know, any Nebraskan movement into hostile territory has the potential to devolve into a rumble. Hijinks and tomfoolery occurred. YHC attempted to hydro-ambush the 6 by activating the fountain at the base of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. Watching Q school from across the Mighty Mo, the suggestion that Prime Time was rucking a blowup doll for utilization as an impromptu flotation device, selfies with Omar the troll under the BKPB bridge, etc. Quite frankly, we snapped photos and selfies like VIP guests at a Katie Perry concert (before she shaved her head). See F3 Omaha Oscar Mike’s Twitter for evidence. At times we nearly erupted in a freak gasoline fight accident while sipping orange mocha Frappuccinos.

It wasn’t all fun and games. Several PAX, including myself, had some very meaningful conversations while Oscar Mike. 3rd F fully felt. By the time we made it back to the shovel flags we had been worked AND fulfilled at the same time. 

Mary Partner Leg throws x 15 

CoT Name-O-Rama, Hip-pocket class on how to load out your ruck. Keep weight tight in your ruck. Use zip ties, 550 cord, bungees, etc. to secure. Duct tape weights/bricks, etc. together to make one solid weight. Ensure load is evenly distributed. Secure high and tight on your back -ideally resting between the shoulder blades. Chest clips can pull shoulder straps together to open circulation down the arms. Waist belts worn tight on the hips helps distribute the weight into your lower skeletal structure. 

Sky Q Wentworth took us home. 



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