Wild Kingdom – IPC – Week 0

8/28/2020 / Wild Kingdom – IPC – Week 0 / 76 degrees w/ 86% humidity (clear sky and no breeze)

PAX:  (6) Wait Time, Hardhat, Barn Door, Mufasa, BetaMax, and Geiger (DR from F3 CapeFear)

QIC: BetaMax 

*** Pre-beatdown ***

BetaMax joined a convoy of cars entering TheWildKingdom at 0523 a.m., as all cars slowly looped around the winding park road leading to the assembly point. All cars parked, socially distanced with a space between one another and welcomes were hollered by two of the already assembled PAX.

The humidity was thick; each man could feel the sweat ready to leave their body at the point where any exertion was put forth.

BetaMax quickly setup a board with the exercises/reps listed and an iPad that was used to display the time elapsed to all PAX present. The shovel flag was planted, the Bluetooth speaker came to life with fast-paced cardio songs and Hardhat turned on a legit DeWalt construction quality spotlight, which drew all eyes from runners passing by upon the main beatdown area.

BetaMax welcomed the PAX, relayed the mission statement, core principals, disclaimer and then relayed IPC Week 0 and demonstrated perfect form of what would be accomplished this morning. BetaMax then provided a stick of mint gum to everyone, as this is a trick he learned to distract him when he was in the military and performing fitness tests.


Following Hardhat’s lead from earlier this week, BetaMax helped the PAX get a little stretched out before The Thang. Sun Gods (x10 forward), Sun Gods (x10 reverse), Tappy Taps (x15).


  • 50 Air squats
  • 40 Big boi situps
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 Bonnie blairs
  • 10 Burpees
  • Run 400 meters

Repeat four (4) times and record your time on the sheet provided

As expected, all early finishers, especially our DR guest from F3 CapeFear, Geiger, came back to pickup the six. Way to lead by example, encourage one another and get after it this morning!

Announcements:  Q School is tomorrow at 0700 at The Canyon with Khakis.

CoT:  Queen’s “We are the champions” played at a low volume and BetaMax relayed again that this is You vs. You and that if you post and you complete each week of IPC to your best ability, then you are a champion.


Coffiteria: Starbucks



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