The Combine Backblast: Track & Field

August 28, 2020 |AO – The Combine | Kiewit High School |

PAX: 18 – Armbar, Sparty, Two Step, Night Crawler, Scrapper, Blue Suede, Khaki’s (Respect), Rip Tide, Panty Hose, Short Sale, Splinter….cell, The Curse, Big One, Magic (FNG), Slow Pitch, Blue Chip, Skipper

QIC: Birdman

Pre-workout Mumble Chatter included Arm Bar stating that he would include Creighton Prep in his prayers during the COT for the brutal beatdown Westside put on them the night before. (Only took him about 30 seconds to rub it in YHCs face.) In typical Westside fashion, Arm Bar never followed through with said prayer during the COT.

YHC greeted 17 PAX, explained the mission of F3, stated the 5 core principles, and announced the disclaimer. YHC asked for FNG’s of which there was one.

PAX were then instructed to mosey across parking lot to a small grassy area next to the football field and track where Warm a rama began:

1 – Warm a rama (5 mins)

  • Side straddle hop – 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 12 IC
  • Sun gods – 10 forward and 10 reverse IC

After warm-a-rama YHC was feeling really good about myself and decided to do a Fake Steinl which was not in my original plan. YHC’s version is a total insult to even refer to it as a Steinl so we will refer to it as a Fake. YHC does not have the incredible core strength of the F3 Omaha Godfather, Wait Time so modification was necessary. The unplanned Fake Steinl was may not have been evident until YHC called for 8 merkins but actually counted to 9.

Fake Steinl

Plank for 30 seconds

10 Merkins

Plank for 20 seconds

8 Merkins (but Pax actually did 9)

Plank for 20 seconds

6 Merkins

Plank for 20 seconds

Fake Steinl concluded.

YHC then instructed the Pax to partner up for the Pre-Thang. After the Pax were partnered up, YHC explained that Pax 1 would grab a shot-put (which he took eleven of from Prep without obtaining proper permission). Pax1 was instructed to “squat throw” the shot-put as far as he could, run to it, pick it up and squat throw it again until he reached 5 reps. (Cones were placed about 30 yards out to provide an area for the Pax to strive to reach by their 5th throw.)  After the 5th rep, Pax 1 was instructed to pick up the shot-put and mosey back to the start line to relieve Pax 2 who was stuck there doing exercises. The partners would then switch. The exercises performed at the start line were merkins and big boi’s (both amrap) which were alternated after each switch.

Pax performed well in this event despite some distractions. The Curse’s M performed a hit and run on the Pax yelling something as she was out on her morning run. Big One proclaimed that his almighty strength enabled him to reach the cones in 3 throws as opposed to five and asked for clarification on whether to go to the cones or actually complete 5 squat throws. Finally, Arm Bar also claimed that he could reach the cones in 3 throws rather than 5 because he went to Westside but then added that he is good with balls in his hands. YHC was not really sure how to react to that.

After approx. 10 minutes YHC called time and instructed Pax to mosey over to the track for The Thang.

The Thang – 3 man grinder

YHC had Pax number off in 3s. Not really sure why YHC thought this would work as it completely screwed up dividing of the groups for the 3 man grinder. Luckily, a number of trusty veteran Pax helped straighten out YHC. Didn’t take long for the Pax to figure this out themselves and they were able to put themselves in 3 man groups.

The Thang was explained as follows:

Cones were set up on the track 200 M apart. Pax 1 was the first runner, Pax 2 started at first set of cones and Pax 3 started at 2nd set of cones. On “GO” Pax 1 sprint moseyed 200 M to relieve Pax 2 who was stationed there doing exercises. Pax 2 then sprint moseyed 200 M to relieve Pax 3 who was stationed at the other cone doing exercises.  All exercises were performed amrap until they were relieved by their partner.

Exercises at Cone 1:

Air squats

Bonnie Blairs

Flutter Kicks

Carolina Dry Docks

Exercises at Cone 2:



Monkey Humpers

Jump Tucks

During this time there was a lot of mumble chatter regarding high school football. YHC chose not to partake in this discussion due to the continued mourning of his alma mater getting their asses handed to them the night before. The only chatter coming from YHC happened on the 3rd leg of the 200 M dash when I called on myself for a 10 count.

Omaha was called after about 25 minutes.


Pax were instructed to meet at the goal line for a 100 yard sprint. YHC asked the Pax to dig deep and perform their best for one more brief sprint. Each Pax gave it their all!


  • American Hammers – 15 IC
  • Hello Dolly’s – 20 led by Arm Bar
  • Heel Touches – 20 IC led by Sparty
  • American Hammers – 16 IC (8 led by Night Crawler, 8 led by Skipper)

Name a rama ensued

FNG, Adam was called into the circle eh’d by Short Sale. FNG explained he went to Iowa State and one Pax yelled “Hawkeye” and another yelled “Herkey”. Khaki’s informed the Pax that this man was flying today like Hilton Magic, apparently a reference to Iowa State that I didn’t catch. YHC told FNG his name was Herkey and a complete look of dismay was displayed on his face. Herkey legitimately looked liked he was going to kill YHC so I called an audible just before COT was offered and changed Herkey’s name to “Magic” to avoid being murdered in my sleep. 

Announcements and Prayer Request:

Announcements included Q school on Saturday, Q Source to follow the workout, and Night Crawler announced a Veterans Day Respect Walk on Nov 7th.

Prayer requests included gratefulness for high school sports being back in session and Khaki’s asked for prayers for a meeting today that would likely determine the outcome of whether the NSAA will grant his son permission to wear a special visor on his football helmet. Prayers up, Khaki’s! Let’s hope the NSAA makes the right decision!


Birdman explained that Michael Johnson is one of his favorite athletes of all-time and read a quote from said athlete, “Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter; long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best.”

It’s not humanly possible to be great at every moment, every second and every minute of the day. We are human. We have flaws. We fail. I know I have certainly had my failures especially the past couple of years. Still go through many nights in which I lay my head on the pillow and know I could’ve done better in certain moments during the day as a husband, father, friend, brother, son, employee, etc. I’m grateful for redemption and a faith in God who forgives and provides every day as a new day and each moment as a new moment to perform at my best the way He intends me to. We will have our failures but if we are able to put together long or even many short stretches in which we perform at our best then that is a life well lived.

Try to be at your best today! If not, God willing there’s always tomorrow to be better…



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