8/25/2020 Paradise Flag Passing: Blue Suede to Slow Pitch

Q’s – Blue Suede and Slow Pitch

28 PAX – Sparty, Tenderfoot, Merch, Lucky Charms, Firewalker, Hightower, Hashtag, Vandelay, Safe Ride, Blue Chip, Roadhouse, 2-Step, Grillz, Khakis (Respect), Wolverine, Biff, FDIC, The Plague, Mac N Cheese, Geico, Curse, Scrapper, Big One, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Splinter, Blue Suede, Slow Pitch

The Gloom was somewhere between 70 and 85 degrees.  As Slow Pitch pulled up to the front of his favorite coffee shop, there were Pax members littered throughout the parking lot.  Some were stretching (because we don’t waste our time doing that during the workout), there was some shoe tying and some were stallions jogging in from their pre run (One of the stallions, Pony Express, did the pre run before he went back home to enjoy a cup of coffee with his M.  He is a true HIM and Slow Pitch felt blessed just to see him before the workout, but his pre-run didn’t count as a post, for those keeping track at home).

Blue Suede and Slow Pitch’s eyes locked and there were grins, for they were the only two, that knew, what was in store for the Pax. Blue Suede is known for some kind of beatdown that usually gets a groan from the Pax and Slow Pitch usually gets a couple WTF’s. Either way good chance of injury.

Blue Suede welcomed everyone to F3, stated the mission statement then informed everyone he was not a professional.

Slow Pitch then went over the 5 Principles: Free, Open to all men, Peer led, Always outside, COT (He read these directly off of his phone to appear to be competent enough to lead half the workout). 

Warmarama: Paradise Parking lot – Partner up – Buddy through 1st Mosey – Slow Pitch tried to explain how to do this, but most seemed confused

​SSH: 20 IC – Blue Suede (From here on out referred to as BS)

​Merkins 20 – Slow Pitch (same verse second as the first SP)

Partner up – instructions to partner after each pain station

Mosey:  Paired with partner, side by side, to Regency Tennis Club, exercises are to be done with your partner.

​Air Squats: 50 – BS

​Jump Squats: 25 – (SP hates these and stills puts them in his workout, which is just dumb).

New Partner -explained by SP, understood by no one, re-explained by BS, most now understood.

Mosey:  Paired with partner, side by side, stop at bottom of Rose, gather bearings then ascend up the Rose to top. (SP and Lucky Charms ran next to each other and from their previous experiences together, knew that running and conversation doesn’t mix.  Hand signals, grunts or just the sound of gasping for air is the way the two communicate. They know if the other black’s out and goes to ground, it’s a good thing because maybe they can go back early).

At the top: with your partner

​Iron Hulk: – 1 to 4 Carolina Dry Docks to Air Press up to 10 and 40 (Oh boy, this was a bad idea Suede. “I’m having a hard time getting my hands above my ears after round 5, my vision is getting blurry and the top of my shoulder feels like someone is driving a nail into it, was going through SP’s mind). 

SP then says what’s on the Weinke: “Next exercise is Merkins with Row: 25 IC”. What in the Eff are we doing?  Who is the moron that stacked this on top of the Hulks – SP (Just one more poor decision of many that SP has made while Q’ing)

New Partner -by now BS has explained because no one can understand a word that SP is saying

Mosey: With partner, side by side, down the hill to Rgncy Pkwy grass area (Yay! Running down hill!) BS and SP, realized they are going to modify their original plan.

​Reverse Crunch: 25 IC – BS

​Gas Pumpers: 25 IC – SP

New Partner – Most of the Pax has this figured out by now

Mosey: Paired with partner, side by side, to Borshiem’s parking lot and lined up on parking island to perform exercises with partner.

​Calf Raises: Duck Footed 15, Pigeon Toe 15, Reggae 15 on up – BS

​Hydraulic Squats 20 IC – SP

Mosey:  Back to flags up grassy hill, “hey that’s newly planted grass on the hill don’t….ehhhh” to the shovel flags

Mary: Khakis (Respect) took us out with American Hammers

Announcements: Q School this Saturday and VQ’s coming.

COT: BS – Discussed being new to Omaha, moving from Memphis, knowing only FDIC and then joined F3. Within a few months he volunteered to take over Paradise and it made a huge impact on his life, by giving him a sense of community, fellowship and being a part of the lives of other men, trying to accomplish the same.

Blue Suede took us out in prayer

Thank you, Blue Suede for your leadership and being the Site Q of Paradise Island! 

Khakis shared a story about Slow Pitch’s first time at Paradise and the displeasure he had for the workout. SP had a facial expression that he wanted to punch Khakis in the face, but never did. SP continued to come back every week. What Khakis didn’t share, was that, SP came back every week, because he was picked up by Khakis, FDIC and a few others (yes, that includes my brothers). Khakis and Plague would then text Slow Pitch after every workout and encourage him, tell him he was loved, he’s improving and see you again. Slow Pitch is honored to put the shovel flag in the ground every week. He will never forget the love those HIM showed, to have him return every week. Slow Pitch loves you men!

Aye – Blue Suede and Slow Pitch

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