8/27/2020. The Battlefield AO | Westside H.S. 

PAX: 20 – Tin Cup, Grillz, Fury, The Plague,  Honey Badger, Tenderfoot, BetaMax, Flanders, Sister Act, TC (R), Mapquest, No Doze, Khakis (R), DaVinci (Rx2), Bubbles, Baskin, Skipper, Buns of Steel, Safe Ride, Hoosegow

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  75 and humid.  As always, perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

YHC greeted 19 experienced Pax.  Since no FNG’s were in tow, dispensed with the pleasantries and mission/core principles, and only provided disclaimer.  PAX moseyed to the 50 yd line for Warm-o-Rama:

    -SSH -20 IC (redbull)
    -String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 10IC

    -Moroccan nightclub – 15IC (redbull) 

-SSH – 20 IC (redbull)

-String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 10IC

– Moroccan nightclub – 15IC (redbull) 

– SSH – 20 IC (redbull)

Pax lined up on the fifty for windsprints:  8 x 50 yards

Pax regrouped in a COP for the pre-THANG: 

  • EMOM: 5 merkins, 5 squats, 1 burpee.  Rest for remainder of the minute, add one burpee each round for 10 minutes. YHC had mercy on the Pax and cut the last round to 5 burpees.  50 merkins/50 squats/50 burpees in 10 minutes

The PAX headed to the south goal line and partnered up for The THANG: 

Flapjack:  Partner 1 had choice of running to midfield and back or to north goal-line and back while Partner 2 completed exercise on the south goal line.  Pax were encouraged to mix up the length of the run.  Partners did following exercise cumulatively and then rinse/repeat: 

-25 burpees

-50  mountain climbers – IC

 -75  merkins

 -100  SSH

YHC called Omaha and Pax lined up for 3 more 50 yard windsprints, followed by 50 yd backpedal, 50 yd sprint, 50 yd backpedal, 50 yd sprint.

6 MoM:  Nope


-Announcements:  Q school w/ Khakis this Saturday

-YHC recalled that it had been 2 years and 2 days since his VQ.  Had the honor of naming Hard Hat and Waffle House.  At that time, I think Wait Time was just thrilled to have someone else to add to the roster of a half dozen or so Qs for 3 or 4 AOs.  It has been over 6 months since my last Q, which is bad for me, but awesome for F3 Omaha.  

 Angst caused by external sources (pandemic, politics, racism, natural disasters) can be on overload these days. F3 is an excellent tool for “ordering” anxieties.  Accordingly, it is necessary to recognize what F3 is, and what it is not.  F3 is about inclusion, and is open to all men: white, black, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, atheist, etc., etc.  Freed to Lead twice clarifies that F3 “has nothing to do with religion.”  To me, this is not a rejection of religion – F3 is an awesome tool for accelerating your faith, whatever it may be.  Instead, having “nothing to do with religion” reflects the core principle of openness to, and inclusiveness of, all men.  F3 is about love.   

-Shoutout to Sky Q: TAPs offered up as requested for Pax, Pax family members, WHS football tonight, those not feeling love or being loved in their communities, those in Gulf Coast facing storms.  Prayed for health and safety for all Pax and their families, and to go forth and spread joy to those we encounter today.  

Coffeteria followed.  Hey Stinger!  



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