Octagon Backblast 8.24.2020: Death by 200

PAX: Othello-Folsom-Samples-Mingus-Wentworth-The Plague-Honey Badger-Tater Tot-Tin Cup-Toadstool-Tenderfoot-Saferide-Wide Right-Honey Stinger-Sister Act-Frosty the Snowman-King Pin-Stella-Slow Pitch-Blood shot-Mufasa

VQ: Hoosegow

Weather: Sticky

VQ started at 530 sharp and moseyed to soccer goals

Warm-o-rama-“ you ever see a lion limber up before it takes down a gazelle?”

18 yard dynamic warm up-knee to chest mosey back hip cradle mosey back various high and low skips mosey backwards run mosey lunge twist mosey carioca

Death by Burpee or 200 meter dash-split into 3 pax team

1-One team member runs 200 to team member on opposite side of track-2-one team member is doing burpees-3-one team member holding designated core exercise- round and round the track the Pax go

no covid signs detected in the core quadrant as Folsom had a nice surprise on the bottom of his foot when starting to do flutter kicks and nobody had a loss of smell seems to be a theme at the octagon what will next Monday morning’s smell be

First team to 200 burpees wins-chest to ground burpees with jump at top the only way in VQ opinion

You lap a guy on the track 5 merkins on the spot sorry stella

+5 burpees every time team member makes it to burpee quadrant

Toadstool still confused; however, his three man team won the challenge as first to 200 burpees—little less than sixteen (16) minutes– with the help of Mingus and the Plague

All pax finished the remaining burpees left collectively among the teams

A short mosey to the basketball court for a two team lay up challenge with a bit of mary mixed in with the non lay upping members followed by more burpees for missed free throws and some American hammer in honor of the 92 dream team ended with mountain climbers

The lay ups reminded me of the US 92 gold team vs panama-the pax represented panama

Mamba mentality shined through on Kobe Bryant day

COT-“the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching”-John Wooden



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