Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: 8/25/20

QIC: Two Step

PAX: Grillz, Short Sale, Spreadsheet (hate), Patton, Ponzi, Fury (hate), Homer, Piano Man.

Welcome: Q greeted PAX, reminded them of the F3’s acronymous significance and the present focus on F1, stated mission and principles and disclaimed professionalism regarding fitness or any confidence in the safety of the forthcoming suggested exercises.

Mosey short to small lawn in front of Genesis windows




Tappy Taps

Tater Taps


Bolt 45’s  


Bolt 45’s 

Mosey to Bradford Bowl in front of the Stage


Ring of Fire – Two Step’s New and Improved Version

Nine cones, each labelled with an individual exercise were arranged in a large circle, the west edge of which traversed the stage. PAX distributed one to each cone. One cone, labelled “Backwards Run”, required that PAX to run backwards around the entire circle of the remainder of PAX performing exercises, the conclusion of which served as the push for PAX to rotate to the adjacent cone in a counterclockwise manner. The additional exercises included:

Bonnie Blairs

Mountain Climbers


Shuttle Run (between sets of cones 10yds apart)


Big Boy Situps

Flutter Kicks

Jump Rope – on stage

Because the PAX are HIM who kick ass running backwards, we were able to complete two full revolutions of the ring of fire.

Music Playlist during Thang: DMB Two Step, Cowboy Boogie, 


Irish Two-Steps/Absolutions x 10


Freddy Mercuries


Low Dollies


American Hammers

Announcements: Q Schools and new Monday Murph AO in Papillion – see Slack and/or web-site for more information. 

Prayer Requests: Dot, Grillz’s grandmother, living alone and generally kicking ass, but has some struggles and kinda lonesome without other companions that match her age and level of social functioning.


So, this dude is walking through a meadow and comes upon a tiger. Tiger charges and the guy flees, smartly. When he gets to a high precipice, Tiger in pursuit, he traverses the edge and grabs hold of a vine and dangles there alongside the cliff perilously, but safe from the tiger. Two mice come along and chew on the vine, rendering it almost certain to break. Dude spots a plump, red strawberry growing right there next to him on the cliff. He picks the strawberry and takes a bite. It is incredibly delicious.

What does this mean? 

As you think about it, consider Piano Man surmised had the dude not been in this situation of peril, he never would’ve found the strawberry and experienced it’s deliciousness. 

YHC declared perhaps that is correct, to which Piano Man retorted, “of course I’m right. I know I’m right.” 

You should all try to get to know Piano Man. 

Also consider maybe the vine was life and the tiger a fear that led to, but didn’t end up killing the guy, whereas the mice did him in, but not before he was at least able to enjoy the strawberry.

Lastly, try to find Ponzi’s tweeted reply to nameorama, and then you will understand why he is the true Zen Master.


Two Step

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