Nice little jog around the school followed up by some SSH’s and Sun Gods.


5 groups broke off and did a number of exercises to failure: Plank, Burpees, Turkish Gidups, American Hammers, Air squats, Big One’s, Flutter Kicks, Cherry Pickers, and let’s not forget about The Loop: Incline Merkins, broad jump, Decline merkins to a 25 yard bear crawl to repeat.  Then a shoulder/core slide to follow.

Finished up with a round of twisted Burpees- Broad Jump to a Turkish Gidup, Burpee with a Merkin, Mountain Climber, and jack.  Rinse and Repeat.  Brutal.


Announced Q School (which I obviously should’ve attended prior LOL) locations and it’s value.  Honey Stinger let everybody know how important it is right now to donate blood (Helps others and you get an antibody test for Covid)  Rollbar informed us about JDRF Diabetes Virtural Walk.

Welcome Griswold and Bayside!  Couple solid FNG’s I brought in.

I talked about how this workout was whatever you made it. The accountability was on you. We continue to hold each other and ourselves accountable. We are inherently lazy…and if we could sit on our butts and watch TV all day we probably would. We make the choice to get up and see our brothers in the gloom. I thanked Armbar for asking me to Q and how I appreciate his friendship and support over the last decade plus. He then took us out on a prayer.

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