Wild Kingdom – “Chutes and Ladders”
Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Lake Zorinsky Park, Omaha, NE

70° Clear Skies but under the darkness of night with little urban light pollution in the WildKingdom

PAX​: Mufasa, Ledoux, Roadhouse, LPC, Firewalker, Mac N Cheese, Nitro, Bourland, Tonight Show, Arm Bar, Sprout, Cheap Seats
QIC​: Thomas

Thomas welcomed 13 PAX to the Wild Kingdom. Gave the mission statement, disclaimer, andthe Credo.
The PAX performed a mosey around the grass circle and toward the picnic shelter where we circled up for warm-a-rama in the grass
Side Straddle Hop – 15 IC
Tappy Taps – 15 IC
Sun Gods – 10 IC (forward and back)
Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

The PAX did a short mosey over to the glorious Lake Z bathroom shelter. Here they were instructed to find a socially distant space to call their own against the wall and assume the Balls to the Wall (BTTW) position. Instructions were given for each PAX to count to 5 on down the line. One character chose to do his countdown in Spanish, but years of Sesame Street had prepared us for the moment and we didn’t skip a beat (other than the PAX around the corner who couldn’t be heard). We continued on through all of the PAX and were allowed to recover. We then did wall sits following the same pattern, again with the Spanish. We did a second round of BTTW and wall sits and prepared for the Thang.

The PAX revisited the childhood game Chutes and Ladders with a little twist. A ladder was setup with four rungs, each about 10 yards apart. The first rung required five Burpees, the second rung was 10 Air Squats, the third rung was 15 Groiners and the final rung was 20 Merkins.
Moving between rungs, the PAX did Duck Walks on round one, Bear Crawl on round two and Walking Lunges on round three. This rotation continued until the end.
Once the PAX completed the final rung, they sprinted through the Chute back to the bottom. At that point the PAX were instructed to assume a Chilcut Plank position till the Six was in.

While working through the game, and in anticipation of the hot air balloon (which never did arrive), the PAX shared other fond memories of Wild Kingdom, including a Polar Plunge with a local disk jockey. The humid morning was anything but polar, and the PAX were happy to hear Omaha called and prepare for Mary.

LBCs – 20 IC
Flutter Kicks – 20 IC
Dying Cockroaches – 25 IC
American Hammers – 25 IC

As children we had no limits. We truly believed we could be anything we wanted to be. As adults we lose that confidence, but the exciting part is that our goals are often much closer than we could ever imagine. It doesn’t take life altering changes to set us on the path…often little tweaks are all that’s needed. I want you to take a moment today and look at your own life and identify one goal you are going after. Could be becoming closer to Jesus, being a better partner or father, something work related or even goals within F3. Find one or two small tweaks that will bring you closer to that goal, and then commit to doing it each day. In the words of Roadhouse,focus on “getting better” and not just marking things off, keep at it and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


  • Iron PAX is in Week 0, still time to join. Will be offered Friday at Wild Kingdom location andalso on Saturday at the Combine
  • Prayers for Mac N Cheese’s grandfather who is recovering from a broken leg
  • Prayers for Roadhouse’s M as she travels this weekend
  • Thomas closed with a prayer


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