August 24th, 2020 // RedWings – Aldrich Elementary // 74 degrees and clear skies

Q: Roadhouse

PAX (21): Patton, TC, Scrapper, Sparty, Wait Time, Sasquatch, Arm Bar, LPC, The Curse, Thomas, Pothole, Thor, Cheap Seats, FDIC, Tube Socks, Pablo, Tuna Fish, Vandelay, Lone Star, Hard Hat, Slick (smurph)

Full Disclosure- I was told that there are no Backblasts done for the Murph but this story had to be
The story of this Murph started on Sunday night. As the Q at Red Wing I posted a pre-blast on twitter
politely asking the PAX to join me. I also may have mocked the group at the District and their tendency to chat like women while they run up hills at the Murph. I put my phone down and started making dinner for the family. Later, I returned to my phone to find a series of likes and responses. Apparently, I had a hit a nerve.

The guys from the District had retaliated with mentions of hills and GIFs of much more muscular men doing pull-ups. Before I could respond, Arm Bar and Sparty had jumped in to defend my honor and the honor of the Red Wing. The chatter continued through the night. Even the new Murph, Titan Alley, hopped into the conversation. Are they even open yet?
All these men did was a light a fuse… I didn’t sleep Sunday night. I spent the night burning callouses onto my feet, dipping my knuckles in shards of glass and drinking whiskey. Before I knew it was 4:25 AM. Time for the Smurph. I met a few of the best men I know and we started running. It was dark. There was zero chatter. We didn’t need to talk… we knew what was happening. We had all seen what was said on Twitter.
Thirty three minutes later, the Smurph was complete. Still no words.
By this time the 5:30 Murph crew has started to arrive. One after one they got out of their cars and
joined the circle. There were 21 men in total. Roadhouse welcomed them to the Monday Murph. There were no FNGs but one rookie to the Murph. His name was Cheap Seats and we welcomed him with a spirited cheer.
Then… we moseyed.
Now, I don’t need to go into detail about the workout. You know what the Murph consists of. But this
morning was different. There was something in the air. We had nothing to prove, but a statement
needed to be made. The pull-ups were done with more vigor, the push-ups more precise, and the
squats, oh the squats. Tug Boat (Two words) would have been proud. The moseys were fast and the six was always picked up. Even on our first core exercise, Tube Socks counted to 30. No one complained (except me, I complained).
Before we knew it, we were doing 29 American Hammers led by the God of Thunder himself, Thor. We moseyed back to the Shovel Flags and finished the morning. Announcements, prayer requests and a COT you can find below.
This was the story of 21 men, who woke up early on a Monday morning and worked harder than any
other group in the city. And I was proud to lead them. #REDWING #THEMURPH #NEVERFORGET

A new Murph, Titan Alley, will open up on September 7 th .
Iron Pax – Zero week this week. See Slack for details

Prayer Requests:
Patton’s Daughter is moving to Michigan this week. Pray for her safety and a smooth transition
Pray for the men in The Queen Service challenge. 5 weeks to go.
Slick and his M will welcome a baby boy to the world on September 3 rd . Keep them in your prayers.

I want to talk a little this morning about getting better. I remember the first time I came to the Murph, my goal was to survive, to get through it, to live. And I did, barely. But the problem is, that has continued to be my goal at these Murphs. I wear its completion like a badge of honor but what I realized is that I was going at them the wrong way. My goal should never be to check something off or to get something done. It should be to get better at it. And honestly I haven’t been doing that. The pulls ups, still cheating… the pushups, not all the way down, the squats, are they TUGBOAT squats? No…
But this is just one example guys. Think about all the things we do in repetition in our lives. Our jobs and, our families, our workouts. Most days, we just get them done, Cross them off our lists. But then the next day, we aren’t better when we do them. We stay the same. We tread water in a sea of mediocrity and we settle. We settle for ok. We settle for finished.
So here is my challenge for you. Instead of going at things this week to get them done, go at them to get better at them. That will take two things- the first is to have an intentional mindset to get better but the second is to take the time to reflect afterwards. How did it go? What went well? What didn’t go well?
What can you do better? I don’t care if it’s a workout, something you do at work, reading that bedtime story to your child. Focus on getting better this week. And just watch what happens.
And men, imagine if we did this every day, every week, every month… how goddamn good we could get at things… And here is the most powerful thing you will hear all day, it is your choice.
You can stay the man you are today… or become the man you want to be… I will let you decide…

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