The Pit Backblast – Q School – 8/22/2020 Slow Pitch


Q – Slow Pitch and Professor Gunner 

19 PAX – Crab Cakes, Biff, Tin Cup, Lego Land, Touché, Gipper, Crawl, Gobbler, Sparty, Selleck, The Plague, Zoro, Mac N Cheese, Buns of Steel, Firewalker, Icy Hot, Gunner, JAaaaaahhhh!!!, Trench, Slow Pitch

Gloom was semi sticky with an unknown temperature by the Q.

Started out with an intellectual, Covid carpool car ride, with Selleck and Slow Pitch, solving the world’s problems on the 21-minute commute in, from their neighborhood. Selleck brought his 40 lb weight vest because he’s a Redwood and he’s gonna get a ruck beatdown, in before the beatdown, since 2 beatdowns are better than one. These two lads also saw at least 6 HIM, taking off an hour before the scheduled time, for a 1-hour pre-run. Once at the AO, Selleck open and closed Slow Pitch’s car doors about 25 times for reasons unknown to either of them.  Gunner approached the two with caution as he knows not to spook either of the easily alarmable PAX members.

Selleck vanished, leaving Gunner and Slow Pitch to discuss today’s Q-School presentation.  They then set up cones for the pain stations, moseyed and mumblechatted. After two laps around the lake, the joined a few PAX members at the shovel flags.  Most of the PAX members were curious if Slow Pitch was qualified and capable of even teaching such a class.

At 7am sharp Slow Pitch went over what F3 is and what should be delivered at every Q: 

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

“Today we are focusing on the First F Fitness”

Mission Statement

“To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”


“I am not a professional – all exercises are merely a suggestion, please modify as needed.  From this point on there is a real risk of injury so please be safe” 

5 Core Principles


​Open to all men

​Peer led

​Always outside

​End with COT (Circle of Trust)

After going over those details, he let the PAX know:

“Today we’re integrating Q-School in our workout”

F3 Foundation/History Lesson:

What is F3?

F3 Origins: (Slow Pitch gave a summary of how F3 started, as well as F3 Omaha)OBT/Dredd F3 started on Jan 1, 2011 at AG Middle School in Charlotte NC with 35 men.  

F3Omaha: In May 2016, Wait Time relocated from Greensboro to Omaha.  Over the next 18 months, Wait Time urged F3Nation to plant a new region in Nebraska.  In April 2018, F3Greensboro planted the first workout in Omaha.  Several GSO PAX – Sacked, Tommy Boy and Houlihan led the first workouts in Omaha.  On April 21, 2018, 26 men (#REDWOODS) posted at the first F3Omaha workout.  In the first four months, over 100 men have posted at workouts.

Slow Pitch then discussed THE F3 WORKOUT:

The Five Core Principles of an F3 Workout:1. Free of charge2. Open to All Men3. Always held Outdoors4. Led by Participants in a rotating fashion5. End with a COT

After this, a brilliant PAX member suggested we plank for the next instructions. 

Gunner took over the Do’s and Don’ts for Starting an F3 Workout, while holding a plank:

Do…• Invite Everyone (don’t judge whether or not he will be a good fit)• Nickname at first post (claim him as one of us)• Do CSAUP Events• Experiment (we have never done this before, but…)• YouTube, P90X, drills from sports you have played.• Read the Disclaimer – must be a part of every workout opening.• Cover your 6.  NO MAN LEFT BEHIND.• Good practice on longer runs are to count off and keep counting off or assign battle buddies.• Good practice is to have two folks covering your 6.

Don’t…• Do it alone.• Don’t be satisfied with size of the workout (if you’re not growing, you’re dying)• Don’t hesitate to break it up (addition by division)• Don’t violate the core principles

Slow Pitch grabbed the steering wheel again and told everyone to remain in the plank.

CADENCE MATTERS!  We will practice.  It sounds easy and it is (once you get the hang of it).

Four Part Command:

The next exercise is__Merkins_______________.

Starting Position….Move (let the pax get in position).

On my down


The PAX then did 20 Merkins

PAX counts reps…Inflection of Voice during Count on last rep….”Halt” from PAX

RECOVER: recover is used to break an exercise or position.  If you don’t want the PAX to stand up after doing LBC, don’t call recover.  Just call next exercise.

Watch the pace of the cadence.  Typically, it is done too fast.  Make the count match the movement.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE Q: This was discussed in a flyover fashion to get to the beatdown.

Before the workout:1. Pre-blast on Twitter.1. Short reminder about the upcoming workout2. Can be a simple tweet, but should be fun (create excitement)2. Make your workout plan – timing and exercises (I personally add exercises that I truly dislike and mix in ones that remind me of another PAX member)1. Plan to keep the six engaged and the Sugar Rays moving.2. If workout plan is too long, call OMAHA and remain on time3. If workout plan is too short, RINSE AND REPEAT3. Develop a workout that focuses on a full body workout4. Phases of workout:1. Welcome and disclaimer2. Warm-O-Rama.  Prep the muscle groups for the THANG3. The THANG4. Six Minutes of Mary (Core Workout ending)1. 6MOM provides a buffer for timing.  If workout runs short, then do longer 6MOM.2. 6MOM occurs at Shovel Flag5. COT1. Count Off2. Name-A-Rama (Hospital Name, Age, F3 Name)3. Name FNG4. Announcements5. Prayer/Moment of Inspiration (if not comfortable ending with prayer, call on another member of PAX to close it out)6. HELPFUL HINTS:1. If you can’t do it, don’t Q it. (SP is guilty of this, but recommends modifying when necessary)2. NEVER wing it.3. Set an example for PAX1. Leaders are confident, competent, courageous and committed2. A poor plan executed with confidence and enthusiasm is worth more than a great plan executed poorly.  If the PAX wanted an expert trainer they would go to the gym.  Don’t aim for perfection.3. If you need to practice your cadence or walk your AO do it.  Practice cadence if needed – kiddos are great for practicing.4. Don’t demonstrate every exercise unless it is new to PAX.  The PAX can demonstrate exercises for the FNGs.5. Always keep the PAX in motion.  Minimize downtime and standing around.6. Bring a Weinke.  It is okay to have notes.  Be aware of darkness of the gloom and ability to read the notes.7. Bring a phone.  Phone is first and foremost about safety.  Secondly, phone is needed for name-a-rama.

During the workout:• Greet the PAX and meet new/unfamiliar guys.  Guys looking to discover the Q for the day.• Start and end on time.  Manage clock and wear a watch.• Start with Welcome.  Ask for FNGs.  Tell them they are an FNG (until named at end of workout)• Disclaimer:• Focus on exercise form.  Encourage good form and modification.• Cover your six.  No man left behind.• Get contact information from FNGs at end of the workout.

After the workout:1. Write the backblast and send to Site Q.  Ensure that FNG contact info included in backblast.  Backblast should be creative, witty.  List all men who joined.2. Tweet number that posted at workout within two hours of workout.

Warmrama – (I personally like getting the heart rate up in early before the Thang)

Each exercise have different PAX member call cadence

​SSH – 20 IC

​Cherry pickers – 20 IC

​Goof Balls – 20 IC

​Sun Gods – 10 IC Forward, 10 IC Backward

​Bobby Hurley’s: 15 IC

​Johnny Dramas: 25 on Up

Alt High Kicks to feet: 20 IC

The Thang: count off into 2 groups, number off 1 and 3, 1’s go to station 1, 3’s go to station 3.Guys were visibly confused why SP was having them count off into 1 and 3’s. SP referenced a folic symbol that the lake was in shape of. Anyway we don’t need to rehash that discussion here.

2 stations on West side of lake: one at NW (Station 1) curve, the 2nd at SW (Station 3) curve, 3rd station is at East hill (Station 2 or burpee station)

PAX will complete all reps of exercise at station, then Mosey around East end of lake. Every time passing East station 10 burpees.

When Moseying between stations 1 and 2,Mosey forward, when Mosey between stations 2 and 3, always backwards Mosey (running backwards is stupid and it makes your calves hurt).

Station 1: Legs  

Round 1 – 50 Squats on down 

Round 2 – 50 Monkey Humpers IC

Round 3 – 50 Squat Jumps on up

After each round forward Mosey to Burpee station

Station 2: Upper Body 

Round 1 – 25 Merkins on down

Round 2 – 25 SSH with overhead clap IC

Round 3 – 25 Diamond Merkins on down

After each round backward Mosey to Burpee station

6:45 Omaha for Mary was called after 2 full rounds, group 1 moseyed forward. All PAX joined at burpee station for a final 10.  Group 3 had just finished their 10, so it was a bonus round for them.

Mary: All in cadence 

Heal Touches: 20 IC 

Grave Diggers: 10 IC

LBC’s: 20 IC

America Hammers: 20 IC

Namarama: Slow Pitch jumped the gun and forgot to get Trench in the video, Gunner then brought this to his attention the middle of him saying his name JHaaaaaah!! After getting the car out of the ditch, SP gave his COT.

Announcements/Prayers – Two Shovel flags being passed this week: Colosseum and Paradise. Prayers for Selleck’s neighbor and another PAX member’s family member.

COT: Say something meaningful to you

I feel that this moment can be extremely special to both the PAX and the Q.  Maybe the Q is sharing something heavy or vulnerable about something that is going on in their life, or maybe their struggle with a belief in a power greater than themselves, or events in our community, or someone else’s life. Maybe they’re sharing the appreciation and joy of and event, a relationship, having gratitude for the PAX, their faith in God, parenthood, or just a celebration the day.  I have seen men laugh and I’ve seen them cry, I’ve done both as a Q and as a member listening to the Q, I’ve listened to a man with fear and had it myself, the same goes for courage. The COT can be enlightening and inspiring. It can set the tone for someone’s day, week or approach to the one’s they love.  Whatever it is, be meaningful.  One of the greatest COT’s I had ever heard was when one of our PAX members expressed it was the one thing that brought him back. He loved the message. Not everyone wants to hurry back to a workout after they saw stars, threw up and now they can’t move their legs. Maybe it’s your message. Remember, you have the podium to make a positive impact on someone’s life.  So, I challenge you to be vulnerable and with meaning!

Icy Hot delivered the prayer.

Slow Pitch is extremely grateful for Gunner’s assistance and guidance.  Gunner has been a huge influence, not only on Slow Pitch, but countless men throughout F3 Omaha – thank you!  T-Claps to all of those PAX members that contributed today in cadence, voice, and support. There were a few other PAX members, that are unannounced in here, that are foundational columns in Slow Pitch’s life. I hope you feel my gratitude.

-Slow Pitch

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