HH & WH 2×2 Anniversary Assist

PAX: Reba, Fairy Tale, T Bird, Forklift, FDIC, Side Dish, Tonight Show, TC, Polaroid, Gigablast, Cyclone, Waffle House, Hard Hat
Co-Qs: Waffle House & Hard Hat

It was a beautiful morning for an Anniversary beatdown! The PAX were welcomed by the co-Qs and given the mission, disclaimer, and core principles. The group then moseyed to the pavilion area for a warmup.

Tappy Taps 20IC
Hillbillies 20IC
Cherry Pickers 20IC
Monkey Humpers 20IC
High Knee Hip Twisty thingys x20
Moroccan Night Clubs 20IC

Hard Hat explained that the workout from that morning two years ago was considered for reenactment, but after seeing all the running and hill sprints, we decided to come up with something different.

Thang 1: The Arm Smoker
The PAX were divided into 4 groups. Each station was explained, and that PAX would rotate through each when pushed by the next group. Each station had exercises listed, and other than the push station, were AMRAP.
Station 1 (PUSH): Street side of wall
Dips x 20
Decline Merkins x 20
Station 2: River side of wall
Balls 2 the Wall
Wall Sit
Station 3: The Stairs
Inverted Rowa
Merkin walk up and down
Station 4: Walkway Blocks
Curls w/ coupon
Overhead Press w/ coupon
Kettlebell Swings w/ coupon

It should be noted that there’s a decent mosey from station 1 to 2, which gave everyone plenty of time to get a lot of reps in at stations 2-4.

Thang 2: Assist one another.
CrabCakeCrawl (plank or chilcut in a single file line with the person at the rear bear crawling to the front of the line) to the river and back. The winner allegedly held Al Gore to the six.

2 Man Grinder based on the all-time assist record holders from their sports. Suicide Sprints to the 4 umbrellas / Counting up to the #, and rotate stations.
Ryan Giggs- Windmills x162
Amber Vanek- High Knees x75
Wayne Gretzky- Flutter Kicks IC x163
Kristine Lilly- Turkish Get Ups x106
Ozzie Smith- Burpees x34.5
Armania Heckenmuller- Monkey Humpers x70
Magic Johnson- Plank Jack x24

Omaha called! A simple single file line of HIM walked down by the banks of the Mighty Mo, releasing the PAX of residual mumble chatter in preparation for Mary.

Mary: Big Boys x25 double time, Sweat Angels x15 IC, Heel Touch x10 R/L, American Hammer 5 on – 5 off, round the circle.

Announcements/Prayer Requests
IronPAX challenge coming up next week with the Week 0 workout, and remaining workouts through September.
New Murph AO in Papillion, Titan Alley. Launching 9/7/20
Pray for the Queen Service Challenge guys. 5 weeks left and a lot of weight still to lose.


HH: looking back over the last two years, about how much F3 has impacted me, and I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for Thunderhead for taking me into posting that morning, and thankful for Wafflehouse for showing me that a new guy can post a lot. I was a little skeptical about the group at first, a took a while to warm up to the whole F3 thing. I’m thankful for TC and Tater Tot for showing me that you can still grind in the gloom with a boot on your foot. There’s a lot more, but too much to mention.

WH Take a moment to think if of someone who assisted you recently. Now, who will you assist next. Everyone’s strength and confidence grow when we make a decision to assist one another.


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