August 18, 2020
A/O: Wild Kingdom-When Animals Attack
Conditions: A beautiful 62-degree morning
Q: Mufasa celebrating his 1 year F3 Anniversary
PAX: Night Crawler, LPC, Tonight Show, Vandalay (Respect), Crab Cakes, Uncle Rico, Thomas, Nitro, Firewalker, Convoy, Slick, Yodel, Toto, Roll Bar, Hog (Respect)

Welcomed the PAX to the Wild Kingdom and Thanked everyone for coming out as this was my 1 year
anniversary. Stated, what F3 stood for and the 5 core Principles and further explained we would be
doing All 3 F’s today, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Gave Disclaimer which is, I am a professional
insurance agent, a license Notary Public but I am not a Professional or Licensed Personal Trainer and all these exercises are a suggestion and to modify, as necessary.

I educated the PAX that the Lion is the king of the Jungle, but we are going to see what other animals
have to offer as well.

Warm A Rama
Albatross Wings, IC 20 Sun Gods Forward, 20 Back, 20 Seal Claps and 20 Overhead claps.
Moseyed over to the Bathroom/Shed

The Pre Thang
IC Dirty Dog 10 count Each leg.
Chicken Peckers IC 10 count.
5 Alligator Merkins
10 IC Gorilla Humpers, which is a lot tougher than the Monkey Humper
Mosey back towards the shovel flags

Counted off into 4 groups and explained that the Bear is an animal that could take on the lion, so we
played a game of When Animals Attack. We repeated this 3 times and ended with a duck walk instead of Bear crawl for the 4 th round.

3 15 count Mickey Mouse Merkins,

Called Omaha

Dying Cockroach IC 15

Went around the Circle and did IC 10 American Hammer and then rested 10 seconds and so forth for a total of IC 80 American Hammer.

Name o Rama
COT= It has been one year since I started on this safari. I wandered a little but fortunately have gotten back on the right path due to members of the PAX. I thanked my Brother back in Philly for introducing me to this amazing journey and wanted to Thank all my Omaha F3 brothers especially Wait Time, Tonight Show, Tater Tot and even Thomas (who I brought to F3!) They would reach out to me in the past year wondering where I was at when I was not showing up. It felt amazing considering there is no monetary incentive for them. So, if you see a lost soul out there, reach out to them and invite them to this amazing PAX. I mentioned this before, you could be saving their life.
Had Nitro lead us out in Prayer.

Thank you for the past year HIM of Omaha and Philly. Special shout out again to El Toro my younger
brother who I look up to.

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