The Combine – Backblast: The Wall (8/21/20) – Tater Tot

The Combine – Backblast: The Wall (8/21/20) – Tater Tot

Here we go boys…  Pre run was a fun track around who knows were through Pacific Meadows led by Arm Bar and Sparty.  Tater thought he was being chased by a racoon but was told it was just sprinklers starting.  Whatever… Tater Tot had to peel off a touch early to put finishing touches on the cone placement and selfishly wanted a few minutes to greet the PAX on a beautiful Friday morning.  It was 5:15am and we were amongst a veteran group of 21 HIM and to my surprise there still has yet to be an FNG at The Combine.  Perhaps it is scaring off new blood with its opening debut speech of the hardest working AO?…  With Tater Tot at the reins we knew this was going to be in jeopardy moving forward.  Introductions were made, a genuine thank you for choosing to spend the morning at The Combine as there are plenty of other options and then it was instructed, we were going to kick the mornings ass.  Let’s mosey.

PAX: Wait Time, Sparty, Patton, Night Crawler, Uncle Rico, Hawg (Respect), Sgt. Slaughter, Short Sale, FDIC, Mac N’ Cheese (Hate), Thomas, Arm Bar, Birdman, Spreadsheet (Hate), Scrapper, Tube Socks, Chisel, The Curse, Khakis (Respect), Pantyhose and Tater Tot.

Warm a Rama – Mosey to the east side of the football field on what is most likely where the high jump pits is during track and field.

Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC

Tappy Taps w/ a clap – 10 IC

Son Gods – 10 forward and 10 backward

Trust Run (number off in 1’s and 2’s pairing up guys next to each other and then partner up side by side on end zone)

1st Run line up side by side and run down and back to end zone chatting it up

– 2nd Run line up in tandem and first guy closing his eyes and guy behind keeping him on track for 100 yard run at 50%. Switch guys and run back (Tater Tot asked if anyone open their eyes and give a shout.  There was a shout and Tater asked the PAX to do 10 burpees.  Tater reminded the PAX to trust the man behind you to guide you)

– 3rd Run same as 2nd but at 75-100% hoping no one opened eyes.  This was fascinating to watch as dudes were flying down the field.  The shouting and trust that was happening brought a huge smile to Tater Tot’s face.  Then, holy crap, Arm Bar was headed directly into the goal post.  He was running too fast for him to hear Hawg yelling “LEFT!!!”.  While the entire field was now running left Tater Tot yelled at Arm Bar to stop.  He opened his eyes and then smiled.  He knew what would have happened….  The fun was over.  Tater Tot trusted no one opened their eyes this go around (clearly Arm Bar didn’t) and we moseyed to the bottom of a hill “The Wall” near the parking lot.

The Thang

PAX completed one round of “The Wall” together followed by one round OYO and then were instructed to match up with PAX members completing their second round about the same time to finish all remaining rounds together until Omaha was called.  The first round was intended to show them what they were doing.  The second round was intended to show them how crappy it is to get through “The Wall” on your own and the remaining rounds was to show that although what they were doing sucked they were much better off doing it together encouraging one another and not alone.  I do believe that when the good music started (took a couple of songs) there was a pep in the step of those that could hear it.  The mumblechatter was less about Tater Tot’s beatdown but the Slick, Sparty and Khakis beatdowns from earlier in the week….Cool guys.

The Wall:

Run up a 30 yard hill and back

Run backwards up a 30 yard hill and back forward

Run up a 30 yard hill and back

30 Hand Release Merkins

30 Squat Jumps

15 Burpees

Rinse and repeat until Omaha was called. PAX were able to get through 4-6 rounds.

Mary  Tater Tot likes to toss it to the PAX

FDIC – Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

Thomas – Crunchy Frogs?  10 IC

Wait Time – 29 American Hammer (for our brother Pony Express’s Birthday)

Tater Tot – 20 American Hammer (for a total of 49 for a belated Happy Birthday for Wait Time) 


FDIC and the upcoming IronPAX Challenge.  Look for a schedule to be announced once the workout is listed.  Week zero will be listed on 8/23 – Omaha has 45+ registered.

Uncle Rico – Lincoln AO support and looking to do a Saturday in the near future.

Patton – Prayers for him and his daughter as she makes a moving to Michigan. 

Tube Socks – T-Claps to all of the teachers working so hard to get the kids back in school and the genuine excitement not only the kids had to be back but for the teachers and the smiles that were seen and felt.

There are times in life, specifically the journey of the men within F3, that we are not sure what direction we are headed in life.  We are not sure exactly why we are doing what we are doing.  There are times that we have no idea where the end is in sight or if it ever will be or what we are working toward.  Tater Tot’s trust run that asked PAX to line up behind each other leading the first PAX in a 100 yard blind sprint was used to demonstrate that although you are moving forward at a face pace in life and might not be able to see where you are going or even why, you can still feel confidence that you are on the right path with the guidance of your F3 brothers by your side and behind you, if you are willing to listen.  Have confidence that we will be there for you WHEN you need us not IF you need us as we have confidence that you will be there for us when we need you.  The second half of my COT was tied into the wall theme from the workout that in life it is inevitable that you are going to hit a wall.  Whether that is in a workout, in a job, in a relationship in whatever you are doing and when you do it is important that you have the strength to push through and know that you can get through it with the help of your brothers. 

As part of an audible Tater Tot brought Chisel out to the middle to bring light to the fact that although today he got manhandled by the beatdown, his brothers carried him through. With that said, almost 15 years prior Chisel was the one carrying/pushing/guiding Tater Tot through his life, unknowingly.  Sometimes the rolls reverse and this is why picking up the six continues to be and always will be at the top of the list of to do’s in F3 as although you might be picking up the six now in a workout you just never know in life when that six is going to carrying you to the finish line.  I say this often but just keep posting and things will start to fall into place as the men of F3 are here for you.  Genuinely here for you.  Tater Tot took us out in prayer and then he stood in the parking lot way too long and was late for leading “FreedToLead” but appreciated Sparty picking up the tab for his coffee to start “on time”.  What a HIM move!

Thank you as always for allowing me to lead!

Tater Tot


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