The Woodshed


Q – Buns Of Steel VQ with flimsy support by Slow Pitch 

27 PAX – Tenderfoot, Gunner, Gobbler, Honey Badger, Ponzi, Lucky Charms, The Plague, Pony Express (Hate and Happy Birthday), Bloodshot, Chiclets, Blue Chip, Baby Grand (Aka Harry Arms), Merch, 2-Step, Hightower, Polaroid, Wolverine, Stella, Smashmouth, Huffy, Bubbles, Biff, Othello, Safe Ride, Touché, Slow Pitch, Buns of Steel 

Gloom was perfect. Had someone looked at a weather app, it would’ve said “ain’t gonna get much nicer than this.” Was the weather so nice that we should do burpees in Mary? Maybe?

Gloom started by Slow Pitch pulling up and rocking out to JJ Cale, excited to meet up with Buns of Steel. There was a solid gathering of HIM preparing to ruck or run for “Flat Friday” at 5am. Beautiful!  BOS and SP then walked the AO, pointing and mumbling about high level ideas, strategy and logistics, of a well-planned, workout that Buns lost some sleep, thinking about. Welcome to Q’ing Buns!

The two non-professional beatdown marshals then sauntered to the flags where 25 other PAX were waiting to hear the Mission Statement.

Buns got the attention of the PAX, let everyone know this was F3, made a solid run at a memorized-ish mission statement, adding some words, subtracting others and rearranging the leftovers. “Nailed it” was heard from the gallery.

He then crushed the 5 core principles and let everyone know that he wasn’t a professional. He also let everyone know “don’t trust a man in a knee brace.” (There were at least 2-4 other PAX members that shouldn’t be trusted then.)

It was announced to mosey to the grotto. Let’s go!

Mosey: From Flags to Grotto 

Warma-rama – alternated lead by Buns and Slow Pitch

Circle up in grotto: Every exercise to be performed on ledge or rocks

Decline Shoulder Taps: 20 IC (later to be informed, by a detail focused PAX member, that they’re called Chicken Peckers)

Jump Ups: 20 on up (uht oh, ledge was a little higher than Slow Pitch expected)

​Step ups with calf raise at top: 10 IC, shoulda been 20, but Slow Pitch was in trouble

​Decline plank: Every Pax member counts to 5 

​Feet up on rocks LBC’s: 29 IC

​Incline Merkins: 20 on down

Demonstrated Grave Diggers for future stationand count off into groups of 4.

Mosey to pool show where cones were, and Buns gave clear description of the beatdown.This has now been re-named “Rancid’s Lot” by 2-Step, in honor of our beloved PAX member,that moved earlier in the week to Chicago.

Mosey to assigned cones:

Cone 1 and also push group: bottom of hill by steps by the pool

Cone 2: Westside of pool

Cone 3: Bleachers by pool

Cone 4:  Parking (Rancid’s) lot


Cone 1: (PUSH GROUP) do 10 Merkins at bottom of hill, mosey to top, 10 Merkins at top, mosey to bottom, 10 Merkins at bottom, mosey to cone 2 on Westside of pool.

Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: Diamond Merkins

Round 3: Ranger Merkins

Round 4: Hand Release Merkins

Cone 2: AMRAP

Round 1: Stationary lunges

Round 2: Copperhead squats

Round 3: Monkey Humpers

Round 4: Hydraulic Squats

Cone 3: (Bleachers by pool) AMRAP

Round 1: Dips 

Round 2: Groiners

Round 3: Derkins

Round 4: Burpees

Cone 4: (Parking lot) AMRAP

Round 1: Flutter kicks

Round 2: Grave Diggers

Round 3: Box Cutters

Round 4: LBC’s 

Omaha (6:02) Mosey to shovel flags for Mary


Gas Pumpers: 20 IC

E2K’s: 15 one side 14 other side

Burpees were called out of the gallery: Buns led 10 together

American Hammers: Pony took us out with 29 to salute his birthday

(6:10) Namarama,

COT:  Buns of Steel:

All too often we try to control the problems life throws at us. As men we want to fix things on our terms and It’s not until we exhaust our own resources and reasoning that we then turn to God. We can’t control the problems that present themselves in our lives, but we can control how we react to those problems. Remember that God is in control and be mindful of our reactions to life’s situations.

Non-traditional time slot of announcements: Q School the next 2 weeks 4 different AO’s

Prayer was brought to God by his humble servant, The Plague.

This was truly an honor for Slow Pitch to CO-Q with Buns. It is special to share a moment with another HIM, to watch HIM accelerate and others applaud HIM for his effort and message Thank you for the opportunity to be in your shadow, BOS!

-Buns of Steel and Slow Pitch

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