August 21, 2020//Burke High School//AO-The Golden Spike//70 degrees//

20 Pax: Room Service, Mufasa, Kielbasa, LPC, Kingpin, Saul, Hard Hat, Tugboat, T.C. (Respect!), Vandelay (Respect!), Pancake, Wentworth, Hoosegow, Rollbar, Wide Right, Jean Claude, Stogie, Dr. Thunder (Welcome FNG!) Heartthrob (Welcome FNG!) and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered just outside the track. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was made, the FNG’s were welcomed and warned, and then Folsom led the PAX up the hill on the sidewalk to the far northwest corner of the upper parking lot because the football field was locked up tight.

Warm O’ Rama

  1. Mosey through the parking lot and circle up for the following:
  2. Imperial Walkers ICx20
  3. Alternating Shoulder Taps ICx20
  4. Don Quixote ICx10
  5. Seal Jacks ICx20

The Pre-Thang: Chutes and Ladders

Folsom had the PAX line up across the north end of the parking. He then lead them through the following exercises:

  1. Bernie Sanders 30 yards, 10IC Monkey Humpers
  2. Sprint to the starting line
  3. Bernie Sanders 40 yards, 10IC Monkey Humpers
  4. Sprint to the starting line
  5. Bernie Sanders 20 yards, 10IC Monkey Humpers
  6. Sprint to the starting line
  7. Bernie Sanders 70 yards, 10IC Monkey Humpers
  8. Sprint to the starting line

The Thang: Guardians of Galaxy Chose your own Adventure

Folsom had the PAX remain spread out along the north end of the parking lot and asked the PAX farthest to his left to pick a number between 1 and 15. Folsom announced the Guardian they chose and the exercises representing that Guardian. Then Folsom asked that PAX member to lead the rest in the stationary exercise and the moving exercise according to the numbers assigned below. Folsom had the PAX go down the line from left to right, each picking one number and leading the exercises. Folsom had assigned 3 numbers to each of the 5 Guardians to keep the PAX from knowing which exercises they would get, just to avoid anyone playing favorites. Folsom gave the exercises Guardian related names and told a little story to go along with the choices. For instance, Star Lord distracts Thanos by doing his favorite dance move, “raise the roof” and then tries to fly off, but his jet pack malfunctions and he can only “jump” short distances to escape. Gamora kicks Thanos in the head repeatedly and then runs to safety. Etc.

  1. 6. 11. Gamora: Flutter Kicks 25 IC, Sprint 50 yards
  2. 7. 12. Star Lord: Carolina Dry Docks 25, Broad Jump 25 times
  3. 8. 13. Rocket: Jump Tucks 20, Karaoke 50 yards
  4. 9. 14: Drax: Werkins 25, Lunge Walk 30 yards
  5. 10. 15. Groot: Sun Gods forwards/backwards 15 IC, Mosey 100 yards

MOM: The PAX circled up in a relatively broken glass free area and partook in some core exercises.

  1. Big Boy Sit Ups x25
  2. Full Body Crunches x25
  3. Chill Cut 1 minute

Announcements/Prayers:  Q School is this weekend 7 o’clock at both the Pit and Oracle. It’s a great chance for and new and old PAX alike to get better at leading workouts.

COT: Folsom read from his favorite passage of Freed to Lead, titled, of course, ShovelFlags and Backblasts. The important part of that passage is as follows, “We like to think that the variety of ShovelFlags throughout F3 reflects the variety of the PAX. Some guys are new and beautiful, and some of us are listing, dirty, and tattered. But still standing. We never let a ShovelFlag or a man hit the ground.” And that is what this is all about. Aye- Folsom

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