F3 Futurama 8/20/2020

Call for UNITY

Gathering at shovel flag 5:30

f3- fitness, fellowship and faith

5 Pillars- open to all men, held outdoors, led in a rotating fashion, free of charge, and ends in a COT.  (Nailed it!)

PAX (20) – Lucky Charms, Spreadsheet, TC (RESPECT), Nemo (HATE), Othello, Hashtag (HATE), Two-Step, Buns of Steel, Patton, KC, Rooster, Chiclets (RESPECT), Birdman, Pantyhoes, Minute Man, Piano Man, Brazilian, Hipster (RESPECT, RESPECT), Toadstool, Swinger.

QIC: Swinger

Modify as needed, I am NOT a professional 

Mosey through Rose Garden to near Underwood St.

Warma – A – Rama:

Mountain Climbers 20 IC

Sungods 10 IC each way

Windmills 11 IC

Hillbillies 20 IC

Goofballs 20 IC

Mosey back to flag pole circle around.

Pre-Thang: Roxanne “The Police”

PAX started with SSH or Seal claps…. music started, for every “Roxanne” one burpee performed and continued with SSH or seal claps.  FYI 23 burpees in 3:10  


PAX counted off into 4 groups.

Group 1 and 4 moved to cone furthest east of center without crossing circle drive

Group 2 on the west end without crossing circle drive

Group 3 at flag pole (flowers)

Group 4 was deemed “push” they moseyed to staircase down one side up the other to push group 2 under the big tree approx 1 minute for the jog…

The push was on.

Each station had 3 exercises A,B,C see below.

At each station it was AMRAP until pushed.

All groups went around to complete every exercise… Each group was instructed to stay together and do reps together “UNITY”

Station 1 LBCs, cherry pickers, plank

Station 2 merkins, air squats, hydraulic squats

Station 3 step ups, railing push ups, balls to wall or wall sit

Set List:

One Love (Marley), Above the Storm (stick figure), One Day (Matisyahu), UNITY (311) Jammin (BM) Your House (steel pulse)

Omaha was called at 6:09

6 MOM*:

Heels to Heaven 15 

Heel touches 20 IC

Low Dolly 20 

Marge and Homers a bunch

A. Hammers 2/each and pass 40

*Taking it to the Streets (Doobie Brothers)


Call for UNITY because of what we as AMERICANS are facing/ have faced.  6 months into an unheard of pandemic, social and economic injustice, protests and riots, the earth is on fire (global warming) and to top it off an election is looming.  All of which divides the shit out of this country.  We are all Americans and we need UNITY more now than ever.  I ask that as the election nears we do not take things lightly, we do our homework and our own research before making a decision or a remark or a statement, don’t allow another country to do research for you.  Be respectful while having a debate, because when we divide as a nation we lose to other nations and that’s exactly what they want.  What can we do in Omaha NE? it doesn’t seem like much but get out and vote- it’s your right and unfortunately that is how change “can” occur.  

Stay strong because who knows what is coming: a second wave of outbreak? More riots? Election? War?

Prayer led by Othello (T-claps=> solo rucker!)



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