Wednesday, August 19, 2020 | Top Rop | Aldrich Elementary | 61 degrees
PAX (14): Armbar, The Curse, Tugboat (Toot Toot), Mac’n Cheese (HATE), Short Sale, Rollbar, Spreadsheet (HATE), Convoy, Kingpin, Wait Time, Roadhouse, Mufasa, Father Time, Sparty
QIC: Sparty

Pre-Runners: The Curse, Armbar, Roadhouse
Pre-Ruck: Rollbar

Sparty showed up to Aldrich with butterflies in his stomach. Shout out to the 4 vehicles already there for the HIM doing HIM things and Accelerating the first F with some Pre-work. Sparty walked carefully around to the back of the school to set up for the Thang and embraced the cold wet grass while a beautiful layer of fog drifted over the short plain. It was genuinely a perfect Gloom for a beatdown. The men slowly started to trickle in as the Pre-Runners/Pre-Rucker returned to the shovel flags. Mumblechatter was quiet amongst the PAX, but it was music to Sparty’s ears. 05:30 rang and a welcome to F3 Omaha was shared, along with the mission statement and 5 Core Principles. Quick disclaimer, we will be doing some difficult exercises today. Try to do them if possible, but if you can’t or you are someone that is battling an injury, please modify as necessary. While Sparty was sharing the disclaimer, our man Roadhouse felt compelled to chime in asking if I made someone Splash Merlot on Saturday….It’s true, I did (Love you side dish). Sparty looked around as he described what was about to happen, without using the words, “Beaver Run,” he instructed the PAX what was going to take place. He caught a glimpse of Armbar as he said this and couldn’t help but notice an evil grin rise from ear to ear! And so the PAX were off, moseying around the parking lot looking like zombies, and then criminals, then dropping down for merkins (10 C). As they completed their 4th set, the Warm-a-rama had come to an end as the men arrived in front of the school.

It was time for the Pre-Thang. The Pre-Thang was to get the PAX’s heart’s moving and to let them know that Sparty meant business today. These fine gentlemen all found a spot along the low railings to perform a Tabata: 20 seconds of straight exercising, and 10 second break. There were 4 exercises and we did 3 rounds of it – High Knees with toes touching the bar, Dips, Lateral Jumps over the railing, and Incline Merkins. The PAX seemed defeated or disgruntled, maybe both, but they all got right to work. There was very little mumblechatter, and lots of heavy breathing. Sparty was questioning whether the PAX were cussing him out in their heads, or satisfying their desire to be pushed….either way, it was music to his hears. As the final bell rang, Sparty picked up his phone and quickly mosey’d away letting the HIM know that is was now time to go get some work in. As the PAX arrived to the back of the school, all that could be seen was 4 bright lights in the shape of a rectangle. It was time to take a couple minutes to explain what was happening.

The Thang – 4 Corner 2-man Grinder “Tag Team.” Each couple would choose a cone to start at, and it didn’t matter which one was choosen. The exercises were the same at each one. Heading north to
south, the runner would start with a sprint forward, shuffle to the right, back pedal, then shuffle to the left, completing a trip around the square. They would do this twice before tagging their teammate to run. While the runner was going, the other HIM would be performing an AMRAP of the following exercises:

  • The People’s Elbow – Singlet Merkin: Makhtar N’Diayes w/ Merkin (6 count)
  • The Rock Bottom – Air Squats
  • Spinebuster – One-leg Burpees
  • Jumping Clothesline – Flying Sun Gods (Sobriety Style)
  • Sharpshooter – Squat Hold
  • Spinebuster Snap DDT – Scorpion Dry Dock

The names of each exercise are named after some of The Rock’s most famous/popular moves. Sparty tried to mimic the move with an F3 exercise. After instructions were given, there were no questions and the men got right to work. The PAX were constantly moving and trying some new things. It was painful, exhausting, and beautiful. Where there were multiple groups at a cone, mumblechatter could be heard which was more than likely a distraction for the HIM to take their minds off the pain their bodies were going through. Sparty was delighted to hear that Mac’n Cheese is coaching soccer practice later today and wanted to incorporate this running scheme for his team. Sparty did not just make up this running. In fact, this was something he did 3 times a week in winter conditioning while playing JuCo ball. It was something he loved and excelled at, and thought it would be great to share with the PAX. At 06:05, “Omaha” was called out and the physical relief from the PAX was seen as all of their shoulders dropped. Like the HIM that they are, each station with a cone, light, and Weinke was picked up and carried back to the shovel flags where 6MoM was going to take place.

Upon arriving to shovel flags, Sparty instructed the men to get on their 6. We started with 20 Big Boys, then 20 Heel Touches in Cadence, and wrapped things up with 20 American Hammers in Cadence. Sparty thanked the PAX for coming out and working hard. We counted off and got to 14, then Name-arama. Only thing worth pointing out is that Armbar was not a “Brah” this morning (I think that’s a good thing), and Sparty totally air balled on Wait Time’s toe tap (My Bad).

Announcements: Q School will be this Saturday at Aldrich & The Pit. Then next week at The Canyon.
Prayers: Wait Time’s MIL got more tough news as her 8-year battle with cancer continues. Please keep them all in your prayers! Sparty asked for some prayers for his 2.0’s that were starting back up school today, and for all of their teachers. Sparty also asked for prayers for a friend of he and The Curse that is set to have a baby born any day now. If there was another one, I apologize for forgetting.

COT: The say, “If you want to get to know a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” So take a walk with me men and get to know me. I was born into this world in a low income family as the youngest of 3 boys to parents that both worked 60+ hour weeks. I had a brother that hated me growing up and constantly wanted to inflict pain on me. I have a brother that at the age of 11 represented the US down in Argentina for the Pan-Am games for baseball. He also was an All-State Football & Baseball player, and still holds the school record at Creighton Prep for the most rushing yards in a season. I was constantly living in his shadow. When I got to high, while I played on 4 state championship teams, was a captain on the football team, and a leader on the baseball team, I was one of few athletes that wasn’t offered a D1 scholarship. So I had to go the JuCo route if I wanted to continue my career. While in JuCo, I never sat 1 inning in 2 years, but upon arriving to Creighton, I got 16 at-bats as a Junior. If you fast forward to when I was married and had kids, we no longer could afford our house (3-bedroom split entry) so we wanted to sell it. Funny thing is that we also couldn’t afford to pay for closing costs and had to borrow money in order to do so. There were three occasions I distinctly remember going to the grocery store and when I got to check-out, my card wouldn’t work because I had no money. I was one week away from selling my car and taking the bus to work downtown. Fortunately, I was promoted and was able to avoid that. 2 years later, despite being the #1 sales guy on my team and qualifying for a trip, I was laid off because the company had a bad year. I asked you to take a “walk with me in my shoes” so you could know a little more about me, but also my shoes. If you’ve never looked at my shoes before, you’ll notice that I wear The Rock’s first shoe he ever made. If you know The Rock’s story, then you know that back in 1995, he $7 in his pocket and that was it. As of this year, he is worth $320M. I have always looked up to him and idolize him because he and I have a connection, we share something in common…..Humility. These experiences I shared with you isn’t meant to make you feel sorry for me. It’s to show you the struggles that I’ve gone through which have humbled my life and helped create the character I have today.

A few years ago, I landed a job that was very kind to me. I received my first promotion after 3 months of being there, and then another promotion 9 months later. At the time that I chose to leave, I was set to make $200k the rest of the year if I sold nothing. So I more than likely would have made $300k-$400k in 2019. I was working with some extremely talented and smart people, but I believe there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and it’s humility. The people on my time and that I “worked for,” lacked humility. I was going down a road I didn’t like, and was becoming someone I never wanted to be. So I left. I took a job that pays me less money, and I’ve never been happier. With what we are living with today, I think our whole world could use some humble pie. Humility has shaped my life and has made me a better man, husband, father, and friend because of. Think of the experiences you’ve had in your life that have humbled you. Take those and use it in a way to be a better version of yourself, and teach your children about humility. Thank you everyone for listening and coming out today.

YHC took the PAX out in prayer.

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