August 19, 2020|Paradise Bakery, Regency | AO – Paradise Island | 63°

PAX:  FDIC, Blue Chip, Chiclets, Blue Suede, Saul, Khakis (Respect), Grillz, LPC, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Sampras (Hate), #Hashtag (Hate), Jean Claude, Vandelay (Respect), The Plague, Gunner, Two Step, Tatertot, Splinter

Q: Splinter

Welcomed 19 PAX to a beautiful if not perfect crisp morning at the ocean of concrete known as Paradise Island. Explained the mission of F3 along with the 5 core principles and reminded PAX that Splinter is not a professional so modify exercises as needed. 

PAX were instructed to take a sanitized (never before used cone) and name it.  This cone was to be their partner on this fine morning.  Mumblechatter and childish names were overheard as the PAX complied.  

Splinter then demonstrated what was going to be referred to as a “bodybuilder” (8 count burpee) for this workout.  Splinter asked the PAX to consider the following “when the going gets tough, what do you do with your stuff”.


PAX moseyed to the bank parking lot for warm-a-rama• Plank – 7 count from each of the PAX members as they circled their cone during their count.  After some dizziness and confusion each member of the PAX figured out that they only needed to circle their cone during their count.• Chillcut – 14 count from each of the PAX members.  As the count started much mumblechatter was heard about “why not” and “are you kidding me…”  Splinter had faith in the group and everyone survived.

Pre Thang

PAX moseyed to the corner of Regency Parkway and Harney Parkway and circled up for a quick core in the wet grass.• V-ups – PAX formed a circle and got on their six for 21 V-ups

The Thang

PAX moseyed down Regency Parkway for a couple hundred yards and stopped at a nice looking grass hill. Splinter then informed the PAX that this hill was to be there home for the next workout or roughly 10 minutes.  The PAX were to sprint to the top of the hill deposit their newly named friend at the top and carefully jog back down the hill and complete 1 bodybuilder (8 count burpee).  The PAX were to work their way up to the seventh rung of the ladder and then retrieve their friend and deposit him halfway down the hill as they work their way back down the ladder. Ladder workout looked like this;

Sprint up hill, drop cone, jog down hill, complete 1 bodybuilder

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 2 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 3 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 4 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 5 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 6 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 7 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, grab cone, drop cone ½ way down hill, jog down hill, and complete 6 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 5 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 4 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 3 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill, complete 2 bodybuilders

Sprint up hill, jog down hill grab cone, complete 1 bodybuilder

Any PAX members that finished sooner than the others were instructed to start back up the ladder until all cones were back down on the sidewalk.

Mosey back to shovel flags via Harney Parkway

PAX were congratulated on completing Splinters Ladder.  Splinter made mental note “make it harder next time, there was not enough negative mumblechatter”.


Circle of Trust:

So, what do you do with your stuff when the going gets tough?  Splinter is a quiet guy who doesn’t say a whole lot.  As an introvert I have a few close friends and I am a bit of a tough guy to get to know.  Small talk with me can be a bit awkward at times for those trying to engage with me in current events.  So when things get tough in my life I tend to go inward and, through hard work, work my way out.  I think hey if I just work harder this will get better or that will get better or this person will notice and talk to me or that person will be my friend.  Is this a bad thing?  Hard work is not bad.  Hard work is how we grow.  The Man I believe to be my personal savior Jesus Christ never gave up when the going got tough.  So isn’t hard work just following in the footsteps of my savior?  As I work through these things, the thing that strikes me is that my self-talk is all about me and Jesus was never about self.  He took time for himself but he was always about and for others.  He had a core group of men that he lead and taught.  A group of men that he let experience his burden.  Having 7 boys life is a blur for me most of the time and I tend to get stressed out at home pretty easy.  I have had to learn that in order to follow the example of my savior I need to bring others into my life.  I have had to grab the cone and take the initiative to place it somewhere.  The cone was there this morning, but it was not going anywhere unless I took it with me.  We are communal beings, F3 is a group, we are not meant to go it alone.  So when the going gets tough grab the men around you (like this cone today) and bring them along with you.  Teach others through your experiences, be taught through your experience’s and share.  I needed men in my life to show me what presence looked like and how to handle stress like a man.  I needed to be taught, and after being taught I needed to invest in teaching others.  F3 is an amazing community of men, be transparent and allow men to know who you are.  It’s not easy to share your stuff, but it is worth it when you do.

Anouncments/TAPSo Q School – Check online for locations and timeso Prayers for the men of F3 to step back and realized hard work is not everything. Take a minute to consider if you are cherishing those who have been placed in your life who are the most important to you.  

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion followed



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