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QIC: Two Step

PAX: Rancid (hate), Othello, Vandelay (respect), Sampras (hate), Hashtag (hate), Sweet Tooth, Cheap Seats, Room Service, Skipper

Welcome at Shovel Flags: Mission, core principles and disclaimer stated.

Mosey to Aldrich Court

Warm o rama:



     Air Chair held: Sungods fwd/bkwd, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps, Cherry Pickers

     Zebra Kicks

Mosey to Aldrich Field


     Captain Thor, up to 5/20

     Merkin Jax, up to 5/20

     Captain Therkins, up to 4/16

Mosey to Bike Path Field north of Dodge


     Ring of Fire: Pax distributed to each of 10 stations and performed the following exercises AMRAP x 1 minute each, rotating to the next exercise in the ring after each minute. Two rounds of the Ring were completed.

     Box Jumps

     Jump Rope


     Big Boy Situps

     Air Squats


     10yd Shuttle Run

     Flutter Kicks


     Backward Run (around the ring)

Post Thang:

     Irish Two-Steps/Absolutions. Q led 8 count exercise x 15 reps.

Mosey to Shovel Flags

Name o rama

Announcements: Q School coming up.

Prayer Requests: Recovery of Othello’s Mother post-spine surgery.

     Rancid’s upcoming relocation

     YHC apologizes if he has forgotten any.

COT: (fair summary, same point as spoken, although spoken was better)

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 1y.

I did not start robustly. Didn’t think I had capacity. 

​Too busy – getting “important” stuff done late, late at night.

​Too early – enjoy sleeping right up to the moment I am almost late for whatever.

​Too shy – quite a few folks knew each other pretty wellalready. I’m an outsider.

​Fitness background did not prepare me for this.

​​Running & biking prepared me for running and biking, not much else

First couple beatdowns were stupid 

thanks Polaroid – bear crawl up and down memorial park hill 

thanks Room Service – #coupons

A couple months later, my friend Samples had started coming regularly. Since I need to be more like Samples, I decided to give it another go. People remembered me, and eventually I started remembering them. They called me by my nickname. I began to remember their nicknames, even some of their names. I started flashing a peace sign at name-o-rama. Dudes told me they liked it. I start flashing it at them all over the place, and they returned. Presence in the gloom was being acknowledged.

My fitness improved. Regained some muscle that had been lost over the years. Shirts fit better. On a whim, I tried HumpdayHappy Hour Bar Trivia – I’m good at medical and science stuff, otherwise worthless, but dudes were happy to have me aroundanyway. I’ve made friends who weren’t the parents of my children’s friends. VQued at the Woodshed and the rest is history. As soon as I start giving of myself, loving others, my outlook changed.

​It is such a cool thing that the heart is our symbol of love. It is positioned in the core of your being. Also, in response to a physical challenge, your heart makes a number of physiologic changes to increase cardiac output and profuse the rest of your body. It beats faster, contracts stronger and works more efficiently. In the same manner, your capacity to love expandswhen challenged. You might think you are too busy, the time isn’t convenient, you don’t fit in or aren’t fit enough. But if youseek to love other people, you will find that your capacity will expand to meet the demand. This doesn’t mean you will have more hours in your day, but you will find that being there in the gloom is more important than whatever other excuses you gave. Shyness dissipates when you are focused on others. You will find that exposing your vulnerability to other HIM will foster those relationships and give you a more stable foundation, an identity that is stronger and better able to overcome whatever may be holding you back. 

​At least, these are some of the things I’ve been experiencing. So I encourage you to dive in to F3 seeking to love other people. But also, in your family or career, or as you may be facing any sort of transition in life, Rancid, and you don’t know for sure what is on the other side. Go love people, give of yourself, be vulnerable. Then feel the acceleration.You’ll love the ride.


Two Step

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