G: 8/19/2020- Heavy Metal AO – Stinson Park

PAX: Bloodshot, Biff, Beta Max, Hipster (Respect! Respect!), TC (Respect!), Cyclone (Respect!), Swinger, Folsom, Safe Ride, Merch, Stella, Hooscow, Samples (Respect!).

Q: Brazilian

Weather: Perfect. 63 degrees, almost no wind.

Playlist: ZZ Top, Cream (Happy Born Day Ginger Baker! RIP), Chris Stapleton, RTJ & Tyler Childers

Brazilian dispensed with the formalities and got right into it.


Tap E Taps
Sun Gods (Brazilian lost count…)
Mountain Climbers

Pre-pre thang: PAX grabbed their dumbbells for a farmer carry west, past the stage to the bottom of the hill below Center Street. PAX performed 5 burpees (10 if wearing any Cubs gear) then walked up the hill for a round of shoulder presses. PAX continued the farmer carry around the park ending up at the covered structure at the north-east corner of the park for….

The pre-thang: 2 minute fitness challenge: PAX had their choice of pull ups or burpees, AMRAP.


PAX partnered up to perform the following exercises at the same time:

20 Goblet Squats
20 Cleans

Each pair then did a farmer carry South towards the obelisk, stopping half way to perform one blockee. Upon arrival the pair performed:

30 Deadlifts
30 Shoulder presses

Upon completion they headed back to the starting point, performed one blockee half way there and then rinsed and repeated until Omaha was called at the proper time (Easy Stella).


Big Boys
Freddy Mercuries
Insta – Models

COT – Brazilian shared the struggles of transitioning back into the workforce and all the stress he’s currently juggling. Nothing profound, just selfishly took advantage of the circle of trust.

Closed in prayer.


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