The Combine: diMer

8/14/2020 / The Combine AO / Kiewit Middle School / Temperatures in the 70’s with a cool breeze. Inconsequential really. The gloom exists rain or shine.
PAX: Arm Brah, Splinter, Kielbsa (HATE!), Sparty, Hawg (RESPECT!), Biff, Uncle Rico, Merch, Rancid (HATE!), FDIC, Mac n Cheese (HATE!), Thomas, Scrapper
QIC: The Curse

In a true test of loyalty, The Curse welcomed 13 PAX to the Combine. The Curse was pleased to see the PAX in attendance as he was aware of LPC’s recruiting tactics to produce a large group for his VQ at Golden Spike. (Allegedly) His strategy paid off with 29 PAX in attendance there. The Curse made not of those loyal to his Q and prepared to reward them with a beat down.
Mission Statement: F3 lives a mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.
Core Principles: F3 abides by 5 core principles: 1. Free 2. Open to all men 3. Held outside rain or shine 4. Lead in a rotating fashion 5. Ends in a circle of trust
Disclaimer: The Curse is definitely not a professional. His role as a Q is to push the group physically. However, he advised we need to listen to our bodies and please modify as needed.
The Curse informed the group we would begin with a mosey around the school. The group proceeded on a gingerly pace around the school, through the front drive, and concluding on the crosswalk of the minitrack in the parking lot. The air was cool thus the pace brisk.

Since stretching is for Jazzercise, The Curse opted for a program of simple and effective dynamic stretches. We separated into 3 small groups and performed the following movements:
 60% sprint  High Knees  Karioka  75% Sprint  Backwards Reach  Side Shuffle Rotate  100% Sprint

The mini-track at Kiewit is unique in that there is a slight decline and incline on one straightaway. This presented an opportunity for the PAX to add some degree of difficulty to a simple movement. On the mini track, groups traveled 2 laps together. Groups bear crawled up the incline and sprinted the remainder of the lap. Collectively, the group was grateful for smooth concrete, ensuring non gloved hand would leave the workout unscathed. The Curse made note this concrete is far more forgiving than Aldrich (aka Redwings, Top Rope, and/or The Oracle).

Upon completion of the pre-thang, The Curse gathered the group in a circle and counted off in groups of 4. He informed the PAX that today would be a tabata beat down which is categorized by a short burst of work followed by a short rest with no break between sets. Tabata often uses a timer of some sort to ensure exercises are done at the appropriate time and cadence. Since F3 is a workout group and not a tech company, The Curse opted to rely on the intellect of the fellow PAX to duplicate the timing of tabata with in cadence counting. Gym timer apps are for the birds.
The workout consisted of 5 stations. Each station had prepared an in-cadence exercise and a direct cadence exercise. The Curse reminded the group that the number of repetitions and in-cadence exercises are relatively short. Thus, pushing oneself with great effort is advisable for each cycle. Additionally, each set had a built in 10 count to facilitate more exertion and pain. A cycle consisted of performing said exercises 4x before rotating to the next. The 5 stations with locations were:

  1. Baseball Field Backstop – Curb step ups (10 IC) and Decline Merkins (10)

2. Shot put circle – Apollo Anon OH NO! (10 IC) and Carolina Dry Docks (10)

3. Discus/Hammer Throw Circle – Split Jacks (10 IC) and Diamond Merkins (10)

4. Basketball Court – Mountain Climbers (10 IC) and Jump Squats (10)

5. 4-Square Courts – Plank Jacks (10 IC) and Lunges (10) 2 sets of 10 on each leg

After the explanation, The Curse sent the groups to their respective stations and began The Thang. Groups moved at their own pace which was quick in nature. The focus of the group allowed for 6 stations to be completed in the allotted time. Omaha was called and the group re-convened behind the baseball backstop for Mary.

6MoM: In the spirit of tabata and short bursts, The Curse led the group through the following exercises with a 10 in-cadence count: 1. Freddy Mercurys 2. Flutter Kicks 3. Heel Touches 4. Low Dollys (10 on Open) 5. American Hammers (5 sets of 10 IC going around the horn with 10 second counts between sets)

Prayers and Announcements:
 Pray for those participating in Grow Ruck Midwest – especially those from our F3 Omaha Community.

 Monday, August 17 is the last official workout for Rancid (HATE!) before he moves to Chicago. He will be Q at Redwings for the Murph. Coffeeteria will follow. Please join for the beat down or coffee.  There is a clown car heading to Lincoln on Wednesday, August 19 to support our brothers of F3 Lincoln. Please contact Uncle Rico or Hard Hat if you would like to attend. They will be leaving Omaha around 4:30 am.

 Prayers were offered for a friend of multiple PAX having a surgery this week as well as the mother of a PAX recovering from a procedure.

The Curse explained the significance of the number 10 in today’s workout. August 13 marked the 10-year wedding anniversary for him and his M. August 14 was the same anniversary for Sparty and his M. The Curse elaborated Sparty and his M’s respective families have a long history of friendship. It was only fitting that they were married one day apart, in the same church (St Johns at Creighton), by the same priest. Further, each had a 2.0 just weeks apart. The name diMer (emphasis on M) and 10’s for reps was a simple way to pay tribute to these milestones.
The Curse continued that his wedding anniversary has had him reflection on not just his relationship with his M, but also the relationships in his life that are most valuable. He shared with the PAX the following list of reminders for those important relationships in our lives:

1. Don’t take. Give. The more we can start decisions by looking outwardly to inwardly, we will be on the right track.

2. Celebrate what people do instead of complaining about what they don’t.

3. Value your own needs. F3 is a great outlet for this. Never apologize for prioritizing time for yourself.

4. Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. Communicate!

5. Build trust which feels obvious. However, in relationships, we need to constantly re-establish that trust.

6. Be vulnerable. Find someone you can share your feelings and concerns with. This group is a safe place to do that privately or publically.

The Cot concluded with The Curse thanking everyone for coming and wishing them well on their respective weekends.
The Curse took us out in prayer.
Q Source was held after at Karma Koffee with a robust discussion on Freed to Lead.

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