8.6.2020 – The Sandlot – 1st Time FartSack

Pax: Zorro, 8-Mile, FartSack – WaitTime, Crawl, Knobs, Firewalker

5:20am. An urgent text from WaitTime.
Jeff. I don’t know what happened. Alarm didn’t go off. Just woke up. I’m so sorry. I cannot make it in time.


Knew this was serious. WaitTime didn’t even call me Firewalker!
No worries, WaitTime. I got yo’ back!!
Semper Gumby = Always Flexible.

5:30am: Firewalker knew this could only mean one thing! Without WaitTime, we were taking on the Lincoln/96th Street hill!!! Whose with me???!?!? We ran. There. Up the hill. Down the hill. And back. It was so great.

Nameorama lasted exactly 24 seconds. 12 seconds were dedicated to WaitTime, who was not present but a HIM f3Omaha has deep respect and appreciation for! #YouGetAPassBro #WeCan’tThankYouEnough

COT: Firewalker encouaged the pax to decide to focus on the good. Not what’s wrong with the world.

Aye. Firewalker

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