3 PAX + Your Humble Q, Firewalker. 

  • BiggieSmalls
  • Zorro
  • 8-Mile

5:28 – BiggieSmalls was big time rollin’ in on his 2 wheeled Stallion.

5:28:28 – Zorro also rode/drive in on his trusty steed, Tornado!

5:29;25 – 8-Mile, coming in hot, usually runs to the AO but mumbled something under his breath as he prepped his Garmin 235 for a stroll in the gloom. Said he was good for 8 today – No surprises there!!! #AppropriatelyNamed8Mile

The Pax headed west on the W. Papio Trail. Firewalker asked if the group wanted to get 5 or 6 today. Six was decided. It turned out to be a tough-six. Firewalker was the 6. The Humidity tried, but we overcame.

Nameorama. The humidity was messin’ with Firewalker, he forgot where he was at – said something about the SandPit instead of the Sandlot. BiggieSmalls made sure to let Firewalker know her heard the nonsense and called him out on it.

COT. Firewalker encouraged the PAX to LIVE with the end in sight. We’ve often heard it said to ‘begin with the end in mind’. Firewalker encourages the HIM to LIVE, to be in the moment because we will never get the same moment back again.

Aye! Firewalker

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