These 9 #HIM rose to the occasion and pushed each other to go the extra mile, also added some face shredding BLIMPS! @F3Omaha @f3thesandlot “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard” -anonymous Navy SEAL

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  • 8-Mile
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  • Zorro
  • Crawl

Knobs, in true Marine fashion, boldly and confidently delivered the welcoming address and the five principles of F3:-Free of Charge-Open to all men-Held outdoors rain or shine-Led by men in rotating fashion -End in CoT

The pax were heels down running at 5:31. We headed west, away from the rising sun on the West Papio Trail. We ran there, and back. It was a great morning for a stroll.

Knobs left a small surprise and a bonus for those who ran too fast and finished early. BLIMPS by the Shovel Flag till the 6 was in!

Knobs ended with a request to prayer for his M’s Grandfather, who ended his days on this earth soon after the workout ended.

In true HIM fashion, Knobs delivered a passionate and moving COT!!

“Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard”⁃ anonymous Navy SEAL What pressures do you have in your daily life? Family? Fitness? Faith? Friendships? Financial? If you don’t train your mind to be prepared in all aspects of life, one of these will fall. As men we often hold our emotions, feelings, “pressure” in so we don’t show weakness. Now is the time to ask for help. Learn a new skill. Find a new hobby. Push yourselves in ways you never had before bc there wasn’t the time. That is my charge for you… what are you going to differently starting today? Tackle one task at time, one day at a time. Rise up, be vulnerable, let your passion lead you to “train” your body, mind and soul up and don’t forget your “6”. Bring others up with you!

The pax took a knee and Knobs left us with this passage:
“Don’t think you need a lot of equipment for this, you are the equipment. No special appeals for funds. “Keep it Simple” ⁃ Mark 6:9 MSG

God doesn’t call to equip, he equips those who are called. He calls on those who are talented, inspirational and will help others to persevere. Go out and help others to rise up to the challenges of the day! As you persevere you develop characters. In the lords name we pray.

Aye! Knobs, VQ!

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